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Scene Report by Rebecca G. Wilson
Ron Turner hosted another great Christmas bash this year at the Last Gasp underground comics publishing warehouse. Lots of S.F. underground luminaries had a blast! There was a rippin' piano player playing ragtime tunes while everyone gawked at Ron's personal collection of antique toys, artwork, posters and vintage sideshow circus banners. Burritos and microbrews were served up by naked elves in one of the winding warehouse's many nooks and crannies.
Tina "Down at Lulu's" Lucchesi and Mrs. and Mr. V. Vale of Research Magazine and Search and Destroy
Last Gasp publisher and grand poobah Ron Turner and friends.
Punk Glove roving reporter Rebecca G. Wilson and son and Ron Turner in his cool Shriner fez.
Old school punk rawker Dan Rancid in front of Ron Turner's pinball machine collection.
ZAP comix cartoonist Spain Rodriguez and Church of Subgenius genius Hal Robbins
Old school punk rawk Haight Ashbury hippie superstar Waterfall and friend in a cool hat!