LA Scoop

by Tequila Mockingbird



I went to Chris Morris's birthday party at the Echoplex. We went to see Babs from the Cheating Kind play. He chose singers to play Willie Nelson songs all night. Madame Pamita is a co promoter at the club. Director Eve was there, Josephine , Curlyhaired writer Doug, Angelina, Paul Morris, Babs and I had a ball, I wore my favorite ten gallon hat.
The Zero One had a great party for John Pochna. John, Brandon and Jim are Zero Heroes and they all looked dashing. In attendance were The Pope, Author Peter Beckman, Perri Lister ( Billy Idols beautiful ex wife) Dave vanian from the Damned, Vamp Girl, Singer/Real Estate mogul, Richard Crowley, Tamme. Norwood from Fishbone, Brendan Mullen who was supposed to DJ, Bob Moss, Artist Packman, Tom Nixion and wife, The Pirates Charles, lots of movie stars, Miss Mercy from the GTO's , Claire from Con/Sin on Kill Radio and so many more of my favorite punters. I booked Tim Scott from Norway who is great check him out at and the lovely French Chantuse Morganne. I sang Happy Birthday and my Funny Valentine for John along side Morganne which he seemed to enjoy, the cake was yummy and we were in good company the whole night long.
I went to Cafe 322 for Sabrina the queen of Pasadena's going away party. She and baby Lucian have moved to New Zealand to live with husband Tim. The Cafe is located at 322 Sierra Madre and is owned by local stars Flotsum Jetson. Evelyne, Gus, Danny, Doo Dah officials ,Queen Kavita, and the gang were full force.The had the band Horses on Astroturf performing. Snotty Scotty was the host and it is the home of the 2 dollar happy hour beer.Yeah! They have lot's of entertainment and delicious eats.
I saw the Peppermint Creeps fresh back from thier European tour. They were thrown out of the country because the promoter did not get the proper work visa, Tracy Gunn told me they had fun in Italy and that it was fun while it lasted.
I met Tim Scott at a supper party we had for the New Black Pompeii my new band with Gary Allen and Sita. Tim played on some tracks for our new CD. He blew my mind so I went to the Cat Club on the Sunset strip tp see him play. Then I invited him to play at the Zero One for John's Bday. After we all went to the Rainbow, party of 16 for dinner. A few of us went upstairs for Karoke with Miss Kitty. We ordered our pizza upstairs and I sang Rock and Roll Suicide and some Zepp. The girl's wanted me to sing some Hendrix. I was gonna, after all my ex Gary Kellgren, engineered Hendrix at his gaff, the Record Plant and Mitch Mitchell was my drummer in Trouble for Nora which has a clip on utube now. Alas it was time to leave so I owe them a song next Tuesday. The Patio was packed with Famous rappers dressed in outrageous costumes.
The Zero and Fluffer are having a reunion on Saturday, February 23rd with Clare from Kill radio's Con/Sin, Morganne the French Goddess of Song, DJ Surfer Mike from Cowboy, The Bunny, Alvin and and Lucelle, and Vicki Hill. It's ten dollars to get in and an inexpensive beer and wine bar. Hell, bring your own flask. Tequila TV is on channel 24 Time Warner Cable on Friday at 11pm and the Van Gogh show is on Saturday at 10pm. I do have some news for my friends across the pond as well.

Here is the latest confirmed Sex Pistols 2008 European Festival live dates:
Isle of Wight Festival: Saturday, June 14th
Fields of Rock Festival, Holland: Saturday, June 21st
& Love Festival, Sweden: Friday June 27th
Exit Festival, Petrovaradin Fortress, Serbia: Sunday, July 13th
Paredes de Coura Festival, Portugal: Thursday, July 31st
Lokerse Festival, Lokeren, Belgium: Saturday, August 2nd
Live at Loch Lomond Festival, Scotland: Sunday, August 3rd


I'm booking special events and I have some True Stars coming your way in the future so let me know if you want to play with us!


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