by Tequila Mockingbird


I was complaining in the 90's about singing back up in a band and my friend Keith Levene said to me there are no back up singers, only singers. I sang with the band and I had fun after he said that. I am now singing back up for Mike Savage from Pygmy Love Circus and I also am singing lead in a band with Lucas Gonze. Mike's band is a nine-piece. I am happy because He does not drink s I am learning to love O'Douls. Also he just got cured from cancer so I don't smoke.

Mike is having his 4th child the span of his children will be 42 years apart! I am so happy for him. We rehearsed down the hall from the Peppermint Creeps, who just lost their drummer Traci. We all loved Traci so much.

Well the Punk Globe party had a lot of my favorite Punk Rock Stars from all over the world. Dave Grave, Pauley Perrette from NCIS, Ginger Coyote, Meri St. Mary from Nevada City, who has a very popular radio show, Prescott from the Knack and his super cool kids, Macho from reality TV, Lina Lecaro, Rick  from the House of Blues bartended. I'm really excited by all our guests

I was at Rock N Roll Les Deux  to see a band from New York called the Sex Slaves. They had a very excited audience and the club is packed every Monday Night. They play a lot of hard rock and all kinds of people are there. My friend Elise Thompson shot picture but it was so packed I could not find her all night. They have hot dancers on the Roof and It is my friend Tuesdays night.

I hung out with the gang at the Cat and Fiddle Bob Dylan once said, "Chaos is a friend of mine." I say Bob's your uncle. The Fourth of July was spent by my friend Hope, of Pink Salt’s catering pool. Pat Hoed 's band is called Ghidorah, and includes me (Vince Meghrouni) and Carey Fosse.  We did a Kiss song for Hope, who loves Kiss, as well as songs by King Crimson, Cream, Johnny Winter, and Vince.

Handsome Artist Anthony Ausgang, Actor Bob Moss, Tina and Robbie from the East Hollywood Silverlake BBQ Association; Mona and Tim, Real estate mogul Steve Stokes, Carlos Nunez, and others came to pitch a tent or two in Hope's back yard. Hope was wearing a bikini a leopard caftan, a few guys were pitching tents all by themselves, thanks to our hostess.

I went there with my friend Cindy and spent the night at her gaff ‘cause it was closer to the party

We stopped at Jack in the Box and my ex-agent Janet Cunningham's. The door was open but no one was home!

Akbar was happening on the Fourth of July . Yes, it's gay . No, I'm not.

I rushed to catch the train from Hollywood, walked for six blocks and arrived too late to see Brain Grillo in his new band, Born in Death Valley. I spoke with band members Bill Tutten and drummer David. I saw Carol Cetone, who danced earlier at the Shindig. I was, however, on time to hear “Out Of The Blue,” by Roxy Music under the blue set of California skies. This was a serenely surreal moment for me.

I ran into Keith Berry from the Silverlake Conservatory. I asked him about ukekule lessons. He told me that they do them on Saturdays, 25 dollars for half an hour, four weeks a month; and everybody pays.


Le Deux Cafe has a Rock n Roll night that I am going to book on Mondays. I used to sing their with owner creator designer Michelle Lamy. I hung out with Lisa and Billy Zane and a gaggle of movie stars. Now, Matt Sorum, Paris Hilton and the New Hollywood A list lurk, looking for entertainment, and I want to show them what Real LA sound is.



Denise Zoom and husband Eli came to town and brighten up the city for a moment. First we got together at the 01 gallery for the Bollweevils with the Grand Poo Bah of the Loyal Order of the Water Buffalos Chris on drums! I was the queen of the Order in 1989.  Brendan Mullen, my sister Elise; from Hellcats LA, John Pochna,


One of my favorite songs of the year is “I Will Possess Your Heart,” by Death Cab for Cutie, But did you know that the name of the band comes from a song written by the Bozo Dog Doo Dah Band? Well, now you do.


I was watching all the garbage in the top ten in the states on VHI. What the hell are they listening too out there? It's as bad or worse than pre-punk America. What a bunch of crap? Bon Jovi, Brett Micheals, Thriving Ivory? Natasha who? Are you all on drugs? Without Indie 103.1, KXLU and KCRW I would have to push the button.


Anyways I know YOU can do better I know I can sooooo...


Don't forget to join me at Miss Kimmy's Karaoke at the Rainbow Bar and Grill every Tuesday night from 9pm-2am. Just have fun and things and stuff!


Zero One Prom was a delight I wore my Blue Evening Gown from the Doo Dah.  I had my photo taken with JR and we ended up at the Cicada next door for cocktails with a friend who was in a movie with me and Mark Mothersbaugh in the 80's.


Meanwhile at the Cat and Fiddle, It was Otis's birthday and he was my sound man at Club Fluffer at Zen Sushi and I worked with him back at the Coconut Teaser. My pal Kim was bartending and the joint was hopping.

I have been asked to join Kollectiv with Michael Shepard from Pygmy Love Circus and I can't wait: he's been a pal for years. Congrats to Mike and Lara on baby Augustus who will be born in August.


I'm going to the Henry Fonda for The English Beat on the 24th of July at the Henry Fonda Theater. I was supposed to go on the 4th to the Bondage Ball but I got caught in a Hippie vortex in the Valley. It was too hot for rubber, leather and vinyl and chicks singing songs like “I Kissed A Girl.”


I'm going to The Ramones party at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on August 1st.

I went to one last year for Rock and Roll High School. Henry Rollins spoke. It's like a Drive in picnic, at the graveyard without the car.


I've been to the Hotel Cafe twice this week.  Once for my friend Ruby and again for Michael Berg.


The phone rings and Christina is on the line she wants Mandy and I to com to a party at the Standard at 6am. Downtown bound instantly for a post rave chill and a jump in the pool with my black satin bra and panties. Oh yeah and baked myself blond until noon.

Remember Karaoke is every Tuesday at the Rainbow. That's where we all meet and flyer and party together.

Write to me.