(Split CD)
History Major Records

by Carl Macki


History Major Records  ( )
  (Jerry Sloan, 398 Columbus Ave, Suite 74, Boston, Massachusetts  02116)

A choice pairing of two San Diego post-emo hardcore math punk bands current and recording and touring. 

This is a new label that is just getting started, it seems.

After separating from hardcore, emo has been applied to just about everything these days, and its meaning has expanded elastically to embrace the vague and indistinct to  anything with attitude difficult or impossible to describe.

Sometimes it was difficult for me to tell these two bands apart:

On a Sunny Day Real Estate moment you Drive Like Jehu  and look for The   Replacements, perhaps?    

 Lanterns  Song  List
sweet weapons
  birds and matches
  i have so much g-e-o-g-r-a-p-h-y
  a.m. sleeping

Lanterns do shine brightly in this sharp and professional looking  CD package. Light makes noise, ears take notice. This is not easy or idiotic music, so for a simpleton like me I had to listen to this record over and  over. They are working old and new equations with newer results.   Myspace:

To watch one of their (YouTube ) videos--  -- on their visit to   Low  country--Duluth, MN -- summer '06

This  Flood Covers The Earth  Song List
everyone knows skunks love free bacon
  how i met yr mother
  the table chainsaw massacre

Brooding,  introspective also raucous. Be amazed.
Band site:


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