by Melissa Laftkas

Today Marks what would have been the fortieth Birthday of Kurt Cobain. Kurt may have made some Naive choices in his youth, but I also felt he was beyond his years, and many of his peers that surrounded him. Kurt survived the meat head jocks that called anyone with an artistic creative side "fag" He was picked on by his schoolmates, his town and even battled being raised by a stepfather that didn't understand him.

From all the poverty, cold weather, peer pressure, and alienation Kurt found a wonderful outlet in Music with such great influences as The Beatles, Black Sabbath, The Bay City Rollers, The Knack, and personal influence in friends like The Primitives, The Breeders, and Mudhoney.

He channeled his creativity with those influences, but adding his own unique and unpredictable style of soft to loud, refreshing lyrics, among other things. The Band was a refreshing welcome.
Kurt wasn't afraid to flash and innocent smile and be childlike wearing a pacifier around his neck, or dying his hair with pink streaks singing the lines "grandma take me home" While other grunge bands posed sneering at the camera, Kurt wasn't afraid to flash a joyously happy smile.

The Press classified him into the pile of Other "Grunge Bands" but I don't think he could just be classified as that. He had Melody,poetry, and his own special style that couldn't be categorized.

I went through my own process of emotions at the time of his Death in April 1994 of his so-called "Suicide"-going beyond that read "Love&Death" if you want a second opinion. I am no conspiracy freak , through this book is a fast read and reveals some startling facts.

I wonder if he would have in fact carried out what we heard of his plans to move to New York become a painter, and write Folk music.

He certainly left his mark before leaving us, and I felt was wiser than his years. Aside from his music and Jesus like good looks with hair so golden. I must agree with Courtney Love, that he had the innocence of "Winnie the Pooh", a smile that radiated childlike innocence and sweetness. He had the strength to be vulnerable, something a lot of rockers don't get, and he also knew how to rip through his rage with a voice that tore into your soul, but that's just my opinion.

I wanted to leave this blog open for anyone anywhere to express their memories, impressions or feelings about Kurt. So please feel free to do so!

I hope Kurt reached his own "Nirvana" I obviously loved a lot of things about him, and he is genuinely missed.

Goodbye again Kurt...continue to rest in peace, you are not forgotten.

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