Talks About His Father The Legendary Ginger Baker Along With Playing As A Professional Drummer... Since The Age of 14 !!!
By: Ginger Coyote
Kofi Baker son of legendary drummer Ginger Baker was born to rock... He started playing professionally at the age of 14 years old... By the age of 15 Kofi was playing with the likes of Randy California (Spirit), John Ethridge ( Soft Machine), Dick Hextal Smith and Steve Waller of Manfred Mann... Some very impressive names.... He also played with one of my favorite musicians the late Steve Marriott of Humble Pie...

Like his father, Kofi has excelled with playing drums in every musical genre from punk rock to jazz.... He currently resides in southern California playing with Kofi Baker's Cream Experience and a few other bands that tickle his fancy.. I was fortunate enough to be able to ask him a few questions.... I hope you all enjoy..
Punk Globe: Thanks so much for the interview Kofi... Can you tell us about you new band?
Kofi: The band is not really new... it just changes members. I have a few different line ups this new line up with Malcolm Bruce.. It will be the first time for me and him to do the Cream stuff together.. I have been doing it for a few years with other line ups .
Punk Globe: Tell us the concept of the band?
Kofi: Well it is now called Kofi Bakers Cream Experience because we don't dress up like our dads and we play it ower own way... So it really is more of just keeping the music alive for the next generation .
Punk Globe: Have you ever played with Malcolm Bruce before Kofi Baker's Cream Experience ?
Kofi: Yes lots of times ! We have done a lot of original stuff together we just never had the time to put it on to a CD.. We have done a CD together just not our own stuff .
Punk Globe: How did you hook up with your guitar player Tony Spinner?
Kofi: The agency put me together with Tony. He had been doing his own thing in Europe so when I was going over there to do my thing they said try this guy. And man can he play and sing so I was sold .
Punk Globe: How old were you when you first started drumming?
Kofi: I cant remember but think I was 3 or 4.. I turned pro when I was 14 and never looked back .
Punk Globe: Do you still give drum lessons?
Kofi: Yes I still have my drum school going. But as I am on the road a lot my student base is mainly drummers that can already play good and just want to get more advanced.. Because you have to be around a lot to teach some one from a beginner to a good drummer .
Punk Globe: Did you get your first lessons from your father legendary drummer Ginger Baker?
Kofi: Yes he taught me up until I was 7 or 8 , then I was on my own for some years until I had lessons from others around London including a Egyptian loot player. I got more lessons from my dad when he was in Italy when I was 15, and that Italy experience is a story in it self .
Punk Globe: Tell us about your first time performing?
Kofi: I was 6 and it was at one of my dads gigs. I don't remember much about it just running away when a hole load of people ran in thinking my dad was playing .
Punk Globe: I read that you started playing professionally at the age of 14 or 15 years old with some very impressive musicians. Care to tell us about that?
Kofi: Well I was 14 but yes did not play with the really great players until I was 15 and 16 , Randy California and then i was in a band with John Ethridge (Soft Machine) and Dick Hextal Smith. Then I played some shows with Steve Waller (Manfred Mann)
Punk Globe: I am a fan of Steve Marriott and Randy California what was it like playing with them?
Kofi: Well I was very young when I played with Randy but Steve was amazing time for me , he really took me under his wing and taught me so much. I was so upset when he died. I lost a great friend. I owe him so much , the stories I could tell you about him are the fun and funniest but it would take a hole other interview .
Punk Globe: Perhaps we should make a plan to just chat about Steve Marriott... What prompted you decide to move to America and California?
Kofi: I was put here by a record company and just stayed because I liked the weather .
Punk Globe: Do you play with any other bands besides Kofi Baker's Cream Experience?
Kofi: Yes lots and lots of different bands and music , I like to do different stuff all the time .
Punk Globe: I know your Dad played with PIL have you played with any punk bands?
Kofi: Yes in London I did a lot of that , and I have done some punk sessions. Just have to get a little drunk to pull it off right .
Punk Globe: Who are some of your inspirations?
Kofi: So many to say but Terry Bozzio was a big one for me and all of Zappers stuff .
Punk Globe: Did you get a chance to read the interview that Rebecca G. Wilson did with your Sister and Father for Punk Globe?
Kofi: I think I saw some of it but will try to find it and have a better look now .
Punk Globe: How is your relationship with your father now?
Kofi: Kind of distant but I hope to get closer to him when he moves back to London .
Punk Globe: Can you tell the readers about your favorite show you have played?
Kofi: Wow so many. I have so much fun when I play and each show seems to get better and better .
Punk Globe: Do you have any recording projects that you are most proud of? Any upcoming tours that you would like the readers to know about?
Kofi: Yes I have a done a lot of Cd's but one I like I did about 10 years ago called Mojo Tapestry.. I am touring April and may 2012 in Europe .
Punk Globe: Do you have any Internet Addresses so the readers can read about what you are doing?
Kofi: Yes or on face book I have 3 pages the best on is the Kofi Bakers Cream Experience page .
Punk Globe: Any thoughts on the very talented Amy Winehouse's passing?
Kofi: Very sad but she made her mark and it was great wot she did in her life .
Punk Globe: Thanks so much for you time Kofi... Do you have any last thought for our readers?
Kofi: I wish I had some pics of me in the punk day when i lived on the streets in london , my punk hair and studs , they where some cool times . Thanks Ginger .. Kofi