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I'd say the tracks 11 & 12 are the best songs of the CD with a bit more of a groovy quirky type of mild punky touch, little basslines, but again with irritating girly soft vocals
- from London UK
Koochie Coo Records
By Lisa Booth
Kiria. - Vocals
Tony - Lead Guitar
Jessie - Violin
Evil - Bass
Steve - Drums
Sorry but I wasn't impressed by this CD one bit. The Vocals were very irritating, if id bought this in the shop id use it as a cup coaster. if your a teenager and like The Bangles type girl bands type sound then this is the CD is for you. it is all "samey" and has a big pop music type style to it, with a lil' twist of very mild rock, and definitely has that mild quirky touch.
Tracks 1-4 are very girly sounding/ very pop rock type style, all sounding very similar. good vocals but to me got very irritating, the music was good if you like soft girly type sounds.
You get to track 5 and it is again a pop type song like Lily Allen with a teenager type girly voice.. the girly soppy soft voice squeaked the whole way through the album and to me was dreary after a couple of tunes
You go into no. 7 and it starts of with a mellow bass line with again the gentle girly pop style that's just like the rest of the album.
Track 10 starts very different with piano and again the high pitch girly squeaky voice which is now irritating me. and I couldn't listen to it all
Then here came number 11 i was like wtf..!! it went into a total different ska type song which was pretty good..and different! it then finisihed with number 12 which was also pretty good, well the music side of it anyway but the girls voice was again So irritating,
The whole album is just as similar as each other song, with an odd twist here and there with the The Bangles type hint. None of it was very different to each other - other than the tracks I mentioned.
I found it all goes into the same "girly" sound. and no oomf like it needed to get going. it didn't fit my music taste or style one bit, I wouldn't buy the CD personally, but I'm sure the teenys would like if they like pop / mild punky teenager type style music
you can find the band at www.Kiria.co.UK and at Koochie Koo records label