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of PRIMA DONNA and FOXBORO HOT TUBS Reveals To Lis Booth and Ginger Coyote If He Wears Boxers, Briefs or NOTHING At All !!!!!!
Fresh off tour Lis booth and Ginger Coyote were lucky enough to ask the ultra hot Kevin Preston some questions.. It was a fun and very informative interview... He even tells Lis if he prefers boxers, briefs or nothing at all.. We hope you all enjoy...
Punk Globe: Thanks so much for the interview Kevin. Can you give traders some background about you?
Kevin: I guess people would know me best for playing in Prima Donna, The Skulls and most recently, Foxboro Hot Tubs.
Punk Globe: How did you come up with your bands name Prima Donna?
Kevin: It's always been a nickname of mine. People have been calling me a Prima Donna from day one. I thought I might as well make it the band name!
Punk Globe: How long have you been together and can you tell us the other members names and what they do?
Kevin: We started rehearsing in 2003. We played our first show in March of 2004. We've got:
Aaron Minton on saxophone & keys
David S. Field on drums
Erik Arcane on guitar
Daniel Nyby on bass
...then there's me on the mic and guitar.
Punk Globe: You also play in Foxboro Hot Tubs . How did that come about?
Kevin: The Green Day boys had seen me play with The Skulls and Prima Donna. When it came time to tour as the Hot Tubs, they wanted another guitar player. I got the call and jumped on a plane to Oakland! The rest is history.
Punk Globe: Who are some of your influences?
Kevin: Hmmm...well, I've always been really private about this. It's like asking who I lost my virginity to. Here are a few: Little Richard, Josephine Baker, James Osterberg, Gene Vincent, Vince Taylor, Prince Rogers Nelson, Phil Lynott, Billy Bones, Poly Styrene, Nina Hagen, Adam Ant, John Anthony Genzale, Klaus Nomi, Roger Troutman, Diana Ross, Marc Bolan, James Brown etc. etc. etc.
Punk Globe: How many recordings do you have out?
Kevin: Prima Donna has 3 out so far. 2 full lengths and one heart-shaped vinyl single. We're working on another full length right now. When The Skulls were playing, we did 2 full lengths, a live Cd/DVD and something like 10 seven inchers. I can't even remember.
Punk Globe: Are any of them on Adeline Records?
Kevin : Not yet.
Punk Globe: Tell us about your recent tour to Japan?
Kevin : It was the wildest time I've ever had. The shows are early, so you have all nite to go crazy. I really did leave a piece of my heart and even some of my guts out there. I felt at home in Japan.
Punk Globe: I know that when White Trash Debutantes toured there we had a great time. What Cities did you play?
Kevin : Osaka, Tokyo and Nagoya.
Punk Globe: Tell us about the audience response in Japan? They go nuts!
Kevin: They go berserk. There is absolutely no drama at shows in Japan. Everybody just wants to let loose.
Punk Globe: Any new recording or tours coming up?
Kevin: Both. Our new record will come out in September on Acetate Records. We have two tours of the U.S. over summer and then it's back to Europe in September.
Punk Globe: Can you give the readers any web addresses to check you out at?
Punk Globe: When you played England . Did you meet Amy Winehouse? Any thoughts on her?
Kevin : I wish. I think she is immensely talented. It's really sad that she can't pull it together. It's also really scary because I can see myself going down that road. It's a constant struggle no to. I understand her situation.
Punk Globe: What Country in Europe did you enjoy the best?
Kevin: Man, I hate to sound so neutral, but I really loved them all. There were a couple of audiences that really went nuts though. Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and Switzerland are all on that list.
Lis Booth's Questions
Punk Globe (Lis Booth) Thank you for playing with Green Day on their recent tour, it was awesome to see you, When you Guys Played the 02/Wembley Arenas London, How did you find it compared to your normal venues in The USA?
Kevin: The 02 was really a sight! I dig that it is strictly a music venue. The sound was incredible. Beyond that, most venues across the globe start to look the same. It's always the audiences that make shows memorable. I'm happy playing in dive bars and I also love playing arenas. I'm glad that I can say I've done both.
Punk Globe: How did you find the rest of European fans took to you.?
Kevin : The response in most of the countries was really positive. We're never quite sure how people will respond because we aren't out there to please everybody. We're definitely far from any mainstream sound, so it was shocking to find that we were selling so much of our merchandise every nite.
Punk Globe: For Kevin,it was awesome to see you play with Foxboro Hot Tubs at The Relentless Garage , London, How do you enjoy playing with The Foxboro Hot Tubs.
Kevin: My oh my, I could talk for hours about this. I really feel like I'm dreaming on stage when the Tubs are playing. Now, that could be 'cause of all the PBR, but really, I just have a blast. Not a lot of people get to play in a band with their heroes.
Punk Globe: I hope you enjoyed your tour of Europe with Green Day it was fantastic seeing you play, your rocked our sox, do you have anything funny you experienced to share with the readers?
Kevin : Jeez, the funny stories I have all revolve around me being a drunk mess. Here are some of the things I puked on or in: stage, limos, private jet, tour bus, tour manager, hotel lobby, airport, pillow case, band members...the list goes on and on.
Punk Globe: Did you manage to sight see, & ride on a red open top London bus?
Kevin : Oh man, I didn't get to do that. Our schedule was so crazy in London that I didn't get to do much sight seeing :(
Punk Globe: For Kevin! I know that the girls loved your skin tight trousers on stage. especially when you stripped off!! We did wonder. and we don't think you wear undies with them... is that right? !
Kevin: You are correct. I hate undies.
Punk Globe: The UK Loved you, its a shame I didn't get to interview you in London after all, will you be brave enough to come back for a mini tour?!
Kevin: Are you kidding? Any time. Seriously, if a fan zine, some promoters or maybe some crazy girls can pay for the plane tickets, we will be on the next flight! Otherwise, see you in September.
Punk Globe: Thanks so much for the great interview Kevin.... YOU RAWK!