June 2017


Kevin K
End Of Corruptions
CD Review By: Ginger Coyote

  1. End of Complications
  2. Forest of Snow
  3. Sometime
  4. Talk Too Much
  5. On the House
  6. More
  7. It Used to Be Fun
  8. Hillbilly Man
  9. I Don't Wanna Be Your Man
  10. Lol
  11. 3 Chords 4 Leather Jackets
  12. Thinking Only of You

Old School Vet Kevin K comes out with a new kick ass CD filled to delight fans of rock, pop, punk and rock n roll First up on the platter is End of Complications.. Followed by other gems such as LOL, I Don't Want to Be Your Man and It Used To Be Fun. Bad relationships merit good music! Kevin K hits a home run....