"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> KEN CAMERON
"It Is.....What It Is"
Brainchild Music
By: Ginger Coyote
1. Can You Feel It
2. Morning Sunshine
3. Land Of Love
4. Don't Bring Me Down
5. Below The Belt
6. On Our Way Back Home
7. Main Idol
8. The Apology
9. Rebel
10. Such a Shame
11. Rocky Roller
12. Who's Taking You Home Tonight
13. Pennies From Heaven
14. Up All Night
15. Special Love
16. Don't You Like The Way I Love You
17. Here She Comes Again
18. Come On and Love Me
19. Strong Arm Tactics
20. I'm Still Crazy
21. Little Miss Confused
22. Late Last Night
23. I Know What I Want
24. Liquid Air
This CD tells the story of Dean Cameron's musical career..The writes about playing music Pieter Moerdyk . He then moved to England where he signed a management deal with Muff Winwood brother of Steve Winwood of Traffic.. He recorded with a band consisting of Roger Taylor of Queen, Chas Crank from The Strawbs and half of Elton John's backing band.. However this release did not fly.. After playing a few more bands in England and almost breaking. Dean decided to hook up with his old pal Pieter Moerdyk who had moved to S.F. .. He met George McCann who along with Mark Cowell and Chuck Foley started a band called Killerwatt. They started playing gigs at at Ye Rose and Thistle for Jack along with playing The Green Earth Cafe on Market Street. It was not long before they started playing the legendary Mabuhay Gardens with bands such as Crime, Mary Monday, Lady Larue and others. They made changes to the band line up with a new rhythm section Terry Nails on bass and Paul Zahl on drums... They exploded and were playing to packed houses all over the City.. Dean had been managing the band so they decided to sign a deal with a manager named who immediately set up a tour of Florida for them. It was a complete disaster! The clubs expected them to play Top 40 songs ... On this tour they played a Country Western Bar and not long after that the band broke up. Dean then moved to LA and played the clubs and after a few years he decided to go up north to San Luis Obispo where he formed Cameron/Burnside.. He then moved to Hilo, Hawaii. He soon opened Hilo Guitars and Ukuleles and now in 2010 he decided to release this CD.. He apologizes for the sound quality on some of the tracks.. I enjoyed the old Killerwatt recordings and some of the earlier stuff.. The more recent stuff is good... It is an informative CD documentary of Dean Cameron's career.