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Pamela Torres Gets Down With
PUNK GLOBE: How did the Children of the Plague get started? Were any of you in other bands beforehand?
K LA: In 2002, I met E & Nameless in a clinical study for insomnia I scammed my way into. We all liked the same movies and video games. We used to be a noise rock band, but somewhere it became more pop-rock. We've had a hundred different drummers but Peter joined last year during the making of Heartbreak Holocaust. Synn-thia joined recently and plays keyboards/sings back-up. At the start of the band I was 17 and had never been in a band before ever and I couldnt imagine producing anything else with anyone else.
PUNK GLOBE: Your group's sound has an intense industrial riot grrl punk vibe. What particular artists inspired you?
K LA: The sound has changed, evolved- been turned inside out to opposite polars since we first began, I'll be honest and tell you my itunes library is gigs worth of randomness. Music has this ability to change and enhance my mood, sometimes I need something that feels evil and harsh and maybe later that day I need to feel like I want to curl up and die.... I couldnt achieve these needed transitions without the music. I dont wanna talk about my feelings, I'd rather just give them a soundtrack.
PUNK GLOBE: I noticed that on iTunes we can access songs from your recently made CD "Sad Sickness." Will there be more new music in 2010?
K LA: Sad Sickness isnt our most recent. Heartbreak Holocaust is. And we'd feel it's only right to give it away. Free music CAN be good music is the point, maybe we can prove it's better than what you spend on perse'- Ergo. We have a new concept album ROCKET TO RAPTURE in the making as well as a film about it's progress and it's concept and our thoughts on music and the industry in general. We have a full plate with way too sides of distractions but we hope to have everything completed by August. Sadly too, Im most happy when Im making, not completing.
PUNK GLOBE: Are you guys also hoping to play live shows soon?
K LA: Live shows in south florida is equivalent to starving feral dogs fighting over a malnourished rabid rabbit. I would love to play more, Ive got an inner monster that threatens to put band mates heads thru windows of diners in regards to playing more. Albeit, we have new members and more productions to crunch thru and bring up to speed. It's best not to jump the gun... I say this thru my teeth bc in a moment of passion I would say "fuck it, lets do it NOW NOW NOW." But as most moments of passion goes... the end result is rather disappointing and nobody is satisfied....and someone is crying into the pillow with utter shame and regret lol.
PUNK GLOBE: A couple of years ago you got to perform in Fort Lauderdale's Culture Room with Skinny Puppy's Ogre. Tell us what that was like:
K LA: Well after being threatened that if any of their equipment was destroyed in anyway our equipment would be held as collateral... so we omitted the blood use on stage. It was the driest Ive ever been in more ways than one. I was absolutely thrilled to share the stage with someone so epic in my books, but i was scared to death of even breathing too close to their already set up equipment a foot behind me the whole time. First time I ever had stage fright and it had nothing to do with what was in front of me. I'd like a second chance to relish and savor something like that tho.
PUNK GLOBE: Tell us, if you can, about the Liberated Recording Movement?
K LA: Its simple. The Liberated Recording Movement is not a record label. Its not a business. Its not owned by anyone, not the children of the plague, not some corporation. Its an ideology, a way of thinking. The children of the plague did not come up with it or its symbol: the burning radio tower. (i'm told he's canadian and anonymous)

The idea is this:
In modern society we have all been tricked and conditioned:
That music has a fixed value.
That anything worthwhile has some form of contemporary pedigree or prestige.
That branding is a sign of quality.
That we are thieves and should be punished should we not have the money for our auditory salvation.
We've been lied to.
We must stop thinking of a world where these artificial contexts decide who/what/can rise from these streets and on what terms we can listen and enjoy music.
These "guardians of our culture" are nothing more than robber barons and charlatans, who seek to fulfill their own selfish agendas and pocketbooks at the expense and great detriment both listener and musician alike.
Did we get into music to become marketing men and public relations people?
Did we get into music to be told by some higher authority what's good or not?
Or can we decide for ourselves?
Or did we get into music to connect and feel connected?
Listeners ARE NOT 2nd class citizens in the music world.
We WILL NOT be punished for our thirst for music.
We find the current conditions for listening/ making/ finding MUSIC completely unacceptable.
The Liberated Music Movement is all about removing these rotten influences on OUR music culture.
Lets remove the fucked up motivations of the people who solicit, trick and deceive the public into believing what is "worthy".
Lets Take away the fucked up middle-men who have nothing but selfish intentions and sue single mothers to protect things THEY DID NOT EVEN MAKE.
With the dawn of the internet age there is no barrier between artist and listener. Music can now be FOR ALL,No matter if you're a poor kid in the mid-west or some Turkish Prince.
PUNK GLOBE: As you know, America's economy has taken a turn for the worse and millions of hardworking people can't find jobs, no matter how hard they try. Do you hope to create a revolution or a movement of hope for them?
K LA: The LRM is a movement.... it has the word movement lol. I hope it can live to be as viral as possible and make a difference or change in this withering dream of making a living off music itself.
PUNK GLOBE: What is your honest opinion on suicide?
K LA: I feel that we are animals of choice. There are laws and religions that were made by ....animals of choice. I've experienced loss of that level before and in the end Im still left with sadness but god... the courage to go against the primal instinct to persevere and off yourself is maddening. It goes against everything you're taught... it's a strike against those that love you, that it wasnt enough, that you needed more, that you had nothing to lose. I am not for the act but it's one of those endless debated ideas that is fascinating and horrible. It's been demonized and romaticized. Greatest love story ever that is still part of school curriculum, ROMEO AND JULIET, showed it to be the greatest sacrifice made out of love. Love is a terrible entity, there is no happy ending.
PUNK GLOBE: Any last words you'd like to say for the Punk Globians?
K LA: I'm hungry!