Justice in Germany

- Slime (Gerechtigkeit)

We couldn't have expressed it better than German Punk-heroes Slime in their song "Gerechtigkeit" ("Justice") about the following happening: German Prosecutor sued Punk band SS-KALIERT due to the use of their logo. He claims the band to use the lightning-bolts of the Nazi SS in World War II. This is punishable with up to 3 years in jail for the band members under German law. Such nonsense is only possible in Germany; no other country in the world would sue somebody for using letters of a font you can download legally on the internet ( http://www.urbanfonts.com/fonts/Incantation.htm ) that obviously don't even match with the Nazi SS symbol. What about one of the biggest German banks- the "SparkaSSe"? Or people with the initials of S.S, like Simon & Schuster for example? Would they get sued for using their initials? What about a Graf-ADOLF-Street that you can find in almost every bigger German City, why won't they be renamed? Complete Nonsense!!!

 SS-KALIERT is and has always been strictly anti-fascist, anti-racist and anti-nationalist. The Band uses logos such as "Good Night White Pride" or crossed out Swastikas on their websites and on their releases, clear statements in their lyrics and in every interview they give, they have been invited to play Israel in September 09 and hard to believe but also true- even SS-KALIERT’S Japanese guitar player A.G is sued for using a "Nazi" symbol. Up until the court date SS-KALIERT will not give in and keep both logo and name as they are.

We will see what happens after that. The band will be thankful for every kind of support, even if its just a short note in a fanzine/webzine, a short report
on a radio station about this case or whatever.
Please spread the word and make that injustice happening in Germany public and help the band to avoid getting punished for NOTHING! Get in touch with the band through their myspace ( www.myspace.com/sskaliert ), or directly through email ( benni@ss-kaliert.de ) if you have anything that can help, or need any further information for a publishing.

Justice in Germany

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