Juhu Beach
Scenes of Abanonded Industry

by Carl Macki

Scenes of Abandoned Industry
(self released EP)
by Juhu Beach


Track List
Empty Coil
Hibernating Mammals
But The Captain's Still Out There
Less Impressive Organisms
(hidden track)

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This arty indy band from Seattle is making waves  Whether they have reached the geographical Juhu Beach (near Mumbai, or Bombay) I don't know. And I don't know what it's been taking me so long to review this band. I didn't have to travel to India even though it may feel like it. Possibly because I mistook them to be excessively arty and emo. They have also been called spazz rock and math rock. I can see the spazz rock label, the math rock  almost undecipherable voice, angular guitar, crooked melodies, avantazz-like rhythmics a becoming clearer the Drive Like Jehu (Juhu?) Rocket From The Crypt influence is apparent. I am not familiar with a lot of the Seattle bands they cite as similar. I also agree with the Archers of Loaf comparison with their arch chaos and slamming rhythm screeching and screaming Eric Bachman like vocals--even on the EP  I can't make out what is being said. I was impressesed with "Hibernating Mammals:" it had moments of starling clarity.That being said, I will continue to listen and replay. The clarity like the feedback endures.


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