Arika Kaosa Gets The Dirt From
Punk Globe: Is this We Came As Romanís first time on Warped Tour?
JM: Yes!
Punk Globe: I know WCAR is one of the main draws for the tour.
JM: Weíre on the Advent stage which has a lot of the great up and coming bands like Of Mice and Men, Miss May I, The Word Alive, Enter Shikari, The Acacia Strain. Those are all bands that could be headliners here next year.
Punk Globe: I saw the band is doing a tour post-Warped with small market venues.
JM: Itís in different markets because on Warped Tour you hit just about every major city so afterwards you have to take a break from the larger cities. Our tour is in all secondary markets that we typically donít go and most bands donít hit.
Punk Globe: I think itís great youíre going to these smaller venues because people show up just because they appreciate a great band playing a mid-size venue.
JM: Thatís the plan!
Punk Globe: WCAR is taking your fellow Advent stage bands Of Mice and Men and Miss May I on this upcoming tour.
JM: Yep, and weíll also be taking Texas In July and Close to Home as well.
Punk Globe: The new album, ďUnderstanding What Weíve Grown To BeĒ, is coming out in September correct?
JM: Yes and actually the first date on our tour after Warped is the release date.
Punk Globe: Is the band playing the show back in Michigan then?
JM: The first date is in Michigan and itís our hometown album release show.
Punk Globe: When you play the Midwest is it almost like playing to cities that are like second homes?
JM: Even before we were signed, had management, or had a booking agent, we could only go so far. We would play a lot of Midwest shows before going on full US tours. So, we have people coming to our shows that tell us they saw us play four years ago. So, itís nice.
Punk Globe: Back to the new album, did the band work with Joey Sturgis as the producer again?
JM: Yeah, we went back to Joey again and it was just awesome. We had more time this time and it was really good.
Punk Globe: Heís really in demand these days as a producer so itís good you were able to work with him again. What makes this upcoming album different than the last? Does it have a darker edge?
JM: Yeah, I definitely think it does! We released the artwork for the album and even in the artwork that there is a certain darkness to it. But, that doesnít mean there isnít a lighter aspect to it as well. As far as musically, we try to do a lot of different things. This album is in three different tunings and I think there is nine different keys the songs are in. We really just wanted to go all out with it! The lyrics Iím really excited for because they are really personal to me. I think people will have an easier time relating to them. I think people will feel like they are relating to another person rather than a band that plays a lot of shows and does a lot of things. It gets hard for some kids because sometimes they maybe get nervous or view musicians on a whole different level. So, itís hard for kids to think that I go through the same things they do in life. Iím hoping that they understand that isnít the case.
Punk Globe: In our culture we raise musicians to something similar to a Ďgodí status and really you have to start somewhere. Musicians are normal people!
JM: Exactly!
Punk Globe: I know yesterday was a day off of Warped Tour for all bands on the tour. What do you like to do on your days off?
JM: Yesterday we all went to Cedar Point actually in Ohio and it was awesome. We rode rides and hung out. We were probably at Cedar Point for probably nine hours. Then we got tired, went back to the bus, watched a movie, and that was it.
Punk Globe: Iím guessing the band was so stoked to get on this tour not only because it is Warped Tour but because you know so many people on this tour.
JM: We already have a lot of friends on this tour. Itís funny because we had to offer to do Warped Tour last August or the beginning of September. So, there was a lot of anticipation and hype and itís been really cool.
Punk Globe would like to thank Josh Moore for the interview.. Check out We Came As Romans on this years Warped Tour...