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I met Joesph Flocco om Facebook and decided the time was right to ask him a few questions about being a photographer in New York City. Joseph has had the chance to photograph so many people.. I hope you enjoy.
Punk Globe: Thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview with Punk Globe. How long have you been doing photography for?
Joseph: Ginger, Since 1974 I shot but not seriously til 1989 is when I really really got into it. I shot mostly Fashion and modeling NYC events n traveled. Then later got into Factory Stuff and Baird Jones, and Bands (@ CBGBS and Continental ) Later after that it was Penthouse Mag and Lots of Factory Parties. I also photographed for The GMHC for about 16 years. It's a volunteer thing to help raise money for AIDS Research. I have loved everyone who was involved with the GMHC sadly most the good people are gone..
Punk Globe: Is there any one person that motivated you to become a photographer?
Joseph: Yes my Father and was affiliated with Stanley Kubrick. and my Dad often spoke of him I found this inspirational and intriguing .
Punk Globe: During our correspondence you mentioned Billy Name as a person in your career that you worked with. Did you shoot any of the Warhol people?
Joseph: Yes I have shot many Warhol People from Billy Name to Ultra Violet, Taylor Mead, Bob Heidie, Lou Reed, John Cale, Allen Midgette, Danny Fields, Susan Bottomly , David Croland, Penny Arcade,Nat Finklestein, Ivy Nicholson, Mary Woronov, Bibbe Hansen, Sally Kirkland, Eric Anderson.
Punk Globe: How about the Max's Kansas City Crowd?
Joseph: I have shot many from from Max's just the moment can't remember all the names but for one the Lovely MZ. JAYNE COUNTY
Punk Globe: Who were some of your favorite people to photograph?
Joseph: Billy Name because you never knew what he was going to do - Taylor Mead funny as one could be and cool to hang with - Ultra she is just a really great subject to shoot, she is so full of Life. Jayne County is also fun to shoot. I have spent hours shooting Jayne. And I would see her the next day and it would be hours n hours again. She is really fun to shoot. Lou Reed is fun as well - he is cool to shoot as so was John Cale. I was honored and he and Lou Reed make it feel like its no big deal. Hillary Clinton , David Johansen , Editta Sherman,Dick Manitobia and Jim Carrol - Jim Carroll gave me a signed book of his - I think its the Basket Ball Diaries "To Joe thanks for the pics " I think it says.
Punk Globe: How about the New York Punk scene did you photograph that as well?
Joseph: Yes I have - I have seen and taken pics of lots of Bands The Ramones , The Plasmatics , The Dead Boys, The Professionals and Gang Of Four,
Punk Globe: Who are some of your favorite photographers?
Joseph: Of course Billy Name, Bob Guccione , Editta Sherman, Bob Gruen, Donna Aceto, Ricky Longo - Burrows. Dean Lance, and Stephen Barnett.
Punk Globe: What are you currently doing ?
Joseph: Hanging in Arizona shooting pics of Landscape - Women's Roller Derby - and some band. I just shot some pics of Jello Biafra from the Dead Kennedys. He has a new band Jello Biafra and The Guantanamo School of Medicine
Punk Globe: Do you have a website where people can see your photo's?
Joseph: Just Facebook n My Space or one can just google me joe flocco photo there are a few sites with lots of my work on it Facebook -> http://www.facebook.com/joefloccospics?ref=name My Space - > http://home.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user
Punk Globe: Do you have any Photographic Shows coming up in the future? Or are you doing any shoots that you want to mention?
Joseph: Just small ones out in Arizona - I am supposed to have have 2 in NYC but ... I am doing some photo's for bands in Arizona
Punk Globe: Any plans for a book?
Joseph: Yes - one for all the music and the bands - one for the World Trade Center - Which I photographed from the 2nd plane hit to the end. I was down at ground Zero taking photos of the whole scene - of the buildings going down and the one that the USA blew up. Yes there was a building that was on fire and would not go out so NY State blew up the building. It was only 50 floors but we blew it up.
Punk Globe: Do you have any words of wisdom you would like to give our readers?
Joseph: See It , Love it , Document it .... Write it down
Punk Globe: Thanks for the interview Joseph!