Interview By: Miyuki Gomez
JOKES FOR FEELINGS are a Ska/Punk/Rock band from Oakland , CA.
Tony Acosta - Drums,
Sean Jacoby- Bass/ Vocals,
Billy Raphael- Keys/ Vocals,
Josh Raphael- Guitar/Vocals,
Josh VanSkike- Guitar/Vocals,
Angela Perez ĖTrumpet/Vocals,
Dice Osburn - Trombone,
Alisa Herrera- Trombone,
Zack Ardell-Smith - Tenor Sax.
Punk Globe: For those who aren't familiar, tell us a little bit more about the band and its philosophy.
Josh: We are ska punk band. Our philosophy is to have fun writing and playing music and in doing that try to influence others to do the same. We want to re energize the ska punk scene in the bay area by meeting other bands from all around and try to throw as many ska punk shows as we can. There are so many great local bands here and people need to hear them.
Punk Globe: What are Jokes For Feelings's major influences?
Josh: Blue Meannies, NOFX, Assorted Jelly Beans, Agent Orange
Punk Globe: How did you all come together to form the band?
Josh: Craigslist and friends of friends
Alisa: Very carefully
Punk Globe: Did any of you guys participate in the high school band?
Alisa: I was the drum major, low brass section leader, and soloist of my high school marching band. It sounds impressive, but I essentially just waved my hands around all fancy-like and played some trombone here and there. It was really fun traveling through places like Fresno, Bakersfield, and the Inland Empire for band competitions. You know, wake up at 6 AM, walk around on a dusty field at some school youíve never heard of beforeÖ Loads of fun.
Dice: In High School I was Michelle from American Pie... and this one time, at band camp...
Punk Globe: When I saw you guys at Bottom of the Hill in November, I really enjoyed your performance of "Naughty Girl". Can you tell us more about the meaning of the song?
Billy: I wrote the song during my wild college days about a wild young groupie I met when I was playing in this band called Pimp Symphony. And it has always been a great hit for me so I continue to play it.
Alisa: Itís about a girl and her jazzy vageena probably.
Punk Globe: What's your favorite element/thing about ska-punk music?
Josh: I like the energy of the music. Ska-Punk has this way of getting crowds going crazy and having fun.
Alisa: Unity and Beer
Punk Globe: Has the band ever toured nationally or internationally? If not, would you guys consider it?
Josh: We have toured up and down California, with a few Nevada shows. Yes we want to tour nationally and internationally and are actually trying to plan some big tours for 2011/2012.
Punk Globe: What artists have Jokes For Feelings played with in the past?
Josh: Agent Orange, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Guttermouth, The Skeletones, Fishbone, Assorted Jelly Beans, Big D and The Kids Table, Mustard Plug, The Phenomenauts, See Spot, Suburban Legends, La Banda Skalavera, The Chris Murray Combo, Left Alone, The Murder Junkies(GG Allin), Deals Gone Bad, Sekta Core, The Hot Toddies, The B Foundation, Radio Active Chicken Heads, Black Dream, Chill Clinton, Chronic Narcosis, Space Monkey Gangstas, Dezu, The Kegels, The Mitchel Expeiement, Kung Pow, Spawn Atomic, The A-Oks,The Violent High, Five Fingers of Death, Gutwrench, Spankshaft, Outlaw Nation, Drip Joy, Benvenue, Keeping Score, Mad Gear, Joint Venture La Noche Oskura, Rudo Moviemento, Whiskey Avengers, Rock Fight, Agent Deadlies, Damon and The Heathens, Chump Change, Bite, Astro Nuts, Outernational and so many more sorry if I missed some.
Punk Globe: What's your favorite thing about recording an album, more specifically, your newest release "We Don't Need Your Label Anyway"?
Josh: I like the blood and sweat that goes into it. We usually have like 2 to 3 days to finish the whole thing since we fund it ourselves because that shit can be expensive if you take too long. So it is cool to see what you can accomplish in such a short period of time.
Alisa: The dog at the studio. (in space), PIGS IN SPACE, DRESSING UP LIKE A PIRATE.
Punk Globe: Despite the album name, would Jokes For Feelings ever consider signing to a label?
Josh: Well it depends. Yeah sure if they gave us the right offer why not. We are fans of many labels, but in this day and age everything is DIY. Like for example we throw and book all our own shows for the most part and even put together the whole bill for like 95% of our shows. We have produced and put out our own albums for the past 4 years. So with the latest Album we figured letís just keep doing it ourselves. We have had offers from some labels in the past but most of them wanted us to write a specific type of music and dress a certain way and thatís not what this bands is about. We are kind of crazy fuckers, well at least some of us. So now even if we never sign to a label we can at least say we did it our way.
Punk Globe: What are the band's plans for the future?
Josh: Shows shows and more shows! Ska Punk Ska Punk! Be sure to come see us March 25th at 924 Gilman in Berkeley, California with Monkey who are on Asian Man records
Punk Globe would like to thank Miyuki Gomez and JOKES FOR FEELINGS for the interview...

One of us Sucks E.P. 2006 Self Released
Sleeping Giant E.P 2010 Self Released
We Donít Need Your label Anyway E.P 2011 Self Release