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Interview By Dod
One of the best bands out there at the moment is Goldblade, their energetic shows and audience participation are legendary. They are one of the 1st bands I put on my list to see when I go to Rebellion or wherever I can go and see them play.

Lead singer and author, John Robb took time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions.
Punk Globe- Goldblade- Whatís the origin of that name?
John Robb- I wanted something flash and sharp! and I didnít want a band name with a 'the' in front of it! something different something that made you think of sharp and angular dudes playing fierce rock n roll...hope it worked!
Punk Globe - Who are your major influences?
J R - Well punk rock is a key influence. its the music that really changed my life, I grew up with first wave punk and 1977 was an amazing year...growing up in small town Blackpool in England, it gave us a hope that there was another way of life and that we could make our own music on our own terms....DIY was the single greatest thing that came from punk- the idea that you could create your own culture- thatís revolutionary and I think that still holds true. Even if punk had become very corporate it doesnít mean that a lot of the original ideals have been lost, anyone reading this can create their own stuff- whether it music or a fanzine or a website...do it now!
Punk Globe- How long have you all known each other? How did you meet?
J R - We met in various stages...Keef the bass player was in my old band the membranes, Rob the drummer I knew from around Manchester and Pete the guitar player Iíve known for 25 years! Johnny was knocking around town...there was a plan and it had to be executed, the plan was to create the perfect rock n roll band!
Punk Globe- When did you form your band? What inspired you to make music together?
J R - The band was formed in the mid nineties at the time there was no punk rock getting made by new bands in the UK and we wanted to go against the grain and create some and try and prove that punk rock could still be made by a new band in the UK on its own terms....
Punk Globe - Who writes your songs?
J R - Like medieval alchemists we sweat over strange compounds trying to find the perfect blend to make perfect rock n roll we then rehearse the fuck out of it and crank it up so that we can cause a riot when we play live...
Punk Globe - Are you still fans and of who?
J R Ė Iím a massive music head and I like all types of music- I get bored of listening to one style all the time and all the best music is created by cross pollination...
Punk Globe - Who has the best side project(s)?
J R Ė I guess everyone thinks their side projects are the best and maybe for some people Goldblade is their side project! I got so much going I never sleep! I write books, loads of articles, do radio, write songs then when I rest I do weights! Ha ha what a life! What I love though is Goldblade...serious band
Punk Globe - What has been your biggest challenge as a band?
J R Ė Never losing the edge...itís easy to get lazy and coast along but im always looking for the edge and always looking at ways to crank up the energy level...
Punk Globe - Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?
J R Ė Of course, I'm full . I donít fuck about.
Punk Globe - Whatís your ultimate direction for your band?
J R Ė Forward
Punk Globe- Where have you performed? What are your favourite and least favorite venues?
J R Ė Toured most of the world,,,The challenge is to always create the vibe in whatever venue you are presented with whether it is a stadium or a back room of a pub...I deal with them all as they come up...bring them on one after the other with crap PA's, shit monitors? fuck it....Goldblade will still deliver, punk rock is tough and that what makes it special...
Punk Globe - What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?
J R - Never give up, itís not about 'making it' thatís a myth. Itís about getting smart and learning how to survive, itís about community and above all itís about the music...Everything else is a sideshow...
Punk Globe - Whatís your coolest band story?
J R Ė I got loads but none of them are what you would call 'rock n roll'...I hate those tales of I was so drunk I fell asleep on the floor' road stories but thatís because I donít drink...Iím there for the music and the hanging out and talking to the people who turn up at the show...iíve seen and done some crazy stuff though I got on he front page of the Russian newspaper Pravda which used to be a serious communist paper but is now the Russian equivalent of the sun...I was onstage and stripped down to my underpants and the picture appeared on the front of the paper...
Punk Globe- What do you think about downloading music online?
J.R. - On one level its great that everyone can hear your music and I like the anarchistic idea of it...on the other its fucking it up for all the small labels and bands...People now think music has got free but you have to pay to make it...Its alright for the Ferrari rock star like Radiohead to say downloading music is cool but they are multi millionaires there has to be a way to make this work,. I donít give a fuck about being rich but I like to survive!...But thatís how it works now and we have already adapted to it...And people who like our music buy merchandise to keep us on the road...
Punk Globe- What's your outlook on the record industry today?
J R Ė its changing fast...the coked up endless cocktail party days are over....But its gone very grass roots and there are more bands than ever before...You donít have to grovel to the radio to get heard now- Which is cool because they are still scared of punk rock...! People can hear you on your Myspace etc...
Punk Globe Ė I have been to Rebellion and Durham punk festivals this year, both are brilliant, what are your thoughts on them?
J R - Both brilliant and the mutiny festival in Bridlington was great as well...They hold the scene together and give a chance for everyone to meet everyone else and for the scene o rally...And also a chance to see some great bands through proper PA's and also to have a big long party...Great weekends...
Punk Globe Ė What makes a good crowd?
J R - A wild mosh pit and some great interaction with the band...
Punk Globe - Any last words and Do you believe in the power of rock n roll?
J R - Of course brother of course!