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I got a chance to interview Johnny Love of the Norwegian band

The Magnum Maids. Johnny has a wicked sense of humor and his band rawks.. I hope you enjoy the following Interview and please check out THE MAGNUM MAIDS.......

Punk Globe: Hi Johnny! It is great to get to interview you. Can you give us some background on your band Magnum Maids and where in Norway are you located?

Johnny: The band started out spring 2004, after years of drinking and planning. I joined as rhythm guitarist later the same year. We're located in Trondheim, in the middle of Norway. Hometown of the more famous Casino Steel.

Punk Globe: How did you come up with Magnum Maids for the bands name?

Johnny: It's taken from the Rose Tattoo-song "Magnum Maid"

Punk Globe: Can you give us the names of all the other band members and what they do?


Pretty Odd Pop - Throat
Øystein D. - Lead Guitar
Sonny Favourite - Bass player and evil mastermind
Chris Restless - Drums

 Punk Globe:  Johnny- Are you related to my pal Courtney?

Johnny: It's all a bit complicated. She'll explain it all  if you ask.

Punk Globe: I read that you were recently in the studio recording. How long did the recording take and did you have any special guests on the recordings?

Johnny: We spent a week in studio, recording 6 tracks. Our good friend Billy McBarbie, vocalist in "Slömber", did some backing vocals. The piano/organ is played by Mr. Board, who earlier has worked with the Boys at the "to hell with the boys"-album and the duo Gary Holton/Casino Steel and a hole bunch of other artists..

Punk Globe: Do you have a title for your recordings and when can we expect it to be out?

Johnny: the EP "Bizarre Gardening Rituals" will be out as soon as we can afford the pressing..

Punk Globe: Will it be on a label or will it be self released?

Johnny: It'll be self-released on Sonny's label "Cheap Toothpaste Records".

Punk Globe: Who are your influences musically?

Johnny: Ramones, Dead Boys, Dictators, Stray Cats,Chuck Berry, Rolling Stones, The boys, Radio Birdman, Buzzcocks, Hanoi Rocks, Hellacopters,The Who, Eddie Cochran.. I could go on forever.. Just let me hear some of that rock'n roll music!

Punk Globe: I have heard some tracks and am quite impressed. Have you ever heard of a band from America called Angry Johnny and The Killbillies? They did the theme song for a Movie 11:14 called "All American Girl." Anyway your singer sounds alot like Angry Johnny on some of your tunes...

Johnny: Never heard of them, but I'll definitely check them out!

Punk Globe: Has the band toured much?

Johnny: Never toured.

Punk Globe: Tell us about your worst show you have done so far?

Johnny: The first was the worst. We played for free beer at a small festival outside a pub called "Rock City", and we were too drunk to fuck. The playing wasn't that good either..
Some bastard with a camera caught parts of the show on tape. Maybe it'll appear on a future DVD-release..

Punk Globe: I was speaking with my good friend Michael Butler who does the ROCK n' ROLL GEEK SHOW and he is quite impressed by your band.. He mentioned he had highlighted you on his show.. How did that happen?

Johnny: He found us at My Space, liked the tunes and decided to play us. That's about it, I suppose. Thank you, Michael!

Punk Globe: Any plans to play in America?

Johnny: As soon as we get the chance, honey!

Punk Globe: I read a quote somewhere from your band claiming that the Magnum Maids are Norway's slowest working band... That is quite an honor! Tell us more.

Johnny: Haha, where did you read that?
Well, it took 2 years from the day we started the band 'til we actually started playing together. Another 2 to get our asses in a studio and record some tunes. I guess we'll have an album out in about 8 years from now, if we continue in this pace..

Punk Globe: What's in the future for Magnum Maids?

Johnny: Beer, booze & Boogie! And hopefully some gigs, a record release/release-tour and a huge record-deal so we never have to do an honest day of  work again..

Punk Globe: Any last words for our readers???

Check out our My Space-site for some rock'n roll-tunes!


Thank you Johnny, for the fun Interview.. Please check all the links above......












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