Up Front and Personal With Author
By: Ginger Coyote
After reading the book "anoxic zone" written by my long time pal John G. Rees ... I knew I had to interview him for Punk Globe... I am so happy to announce that his latest book ""Halocline" is available now..... There will be a book signing party in the end of October at Kona Stories located on the big Island of Hawaii in late October... Please check John's website for details.... I hope you enjoy the interview with John...
Punk Globe: Thanks so much for the interview John. Can you give the readers some background on yourself? When did you decide to move to Hawaii?
JGR: When overdosing became a regular affair... no, really, it's funny how these things happen. Let's say I was given an ultimatum and I took it. There's some bios in the books and the web pages.
Punk Globe: What Island do you live on? How long have have you been there?
JGR: Big Island, sistah, for some 15 years or so now... moved to Oahu in the mid-80s from San Fran.
Punk Globe: I knew you and Mara when you lived in San Francisco. You both used to frequent 544 Natoma and of course the beloved Mabuhay Gardens. What were you doing back in the days?
JGR: Mara was actually managing 544 for Peter Hartman and I was the little snot living in the loft above the stage that did the A/V sometimes. My days at the Mabuhay were limited (and blurry) - I pretty much remember you from the Paradise & 544.
Punk Globe: Of course Mara was also involved with the Island Restaurant and Dennis Peron. The Island recently had a reunion in San Francisco, did you and Mara attend?
JGR: Mara had a great time at the reunion. I didn't come into the Island loop till the loop was closed and the Space was busted.
Punk Globe: I went to the Island on occasion but I know that Mara and Kathy Peck the founder of H.E.A.R. were more involved. Can you tell the readers about it?
JGR: From what I can tell it was staffed by some pretty incredible and creative people. I was glad Mara got to go to the Reunion. Me - no fuckin' way, man.
Punk Globe: What got you interested in writing a book?
JGR: Jim Carroll said it best.. 'all my friends have died.' Had to cope somehow. Beats going postal.
Punk Globe: Your first book is called "anoxic zone". Can you tell us about the title?
JGR: You'll have to read the book to get that one. But I CAN tell you that I just got back from a cross country motorcycle ride and it was fuckin' incredible! Two BMW's, two lanes, too much fun.
Punk Globe: What publishing company released the book?
Punk Globe: Are you a fan of Anne Rice or the Author of "Twilight" because the characters Jake and Johnny in Anoxic Zone are one hundred years old?
JGR: I'm a fan of Anne Rice from her early days but I've never read or seen any of the "Twilight" series!
Punk Globe: Without giving away the book can you tell the readers a bit about anoxic zone?
JGR: I can but I won't. That's what reading is for. I will tell you it rips the throat out of anything you've read lately.
Punk Globe: How long did it take you to write anoxic zone?
JGR: It took about a year. Editing and publishing is the hard part and took another six months.
Punk Globe: I was very impressed by the writing along with the action and suspense.. The book flowed well. I think it would make a great movie. Any thoughts about who you would like to see playing Jake and John?
JGR: It would make a great movie, Ginger. Only dead actors come to mind, which would be highly appropriate.
Punk Globe: How have the other reviews been, John?
JGR: All the reviews have been great. Positive or negative or sarcastic - it doesn't matter. It still amazes me someone takes the time. You can see some on my FaceBook page - john g rees Fan Club.
Punk Globe: Have you done any book signing parties or readings from anoxic zone at any book stores?
JGR: Did one for anoxic zone last year and we are doing another book signing for my new book, Halocline, at 'Kona Stories' - a local bookstore here on the island at the end of October. Kind of a laid back 420 affair, surrounded by books - any of you Californians want to come on out...
Punk Globe: Tell the readers about your new book "Halocline" ?
JGR: Halocline rips, Ginger. It's a great story with great characters. A loose sequel to anoxic zone - it is a bit morbid at times and tons way more graphic but it stands all on its own. Jake and Johnny return but the tale no longer revolves around them; we've already done that. This time the vision is global, well, part of it anyway.
Punk Globe: Do you have a release date set yet?
JGR: October 2010 - NOW!
Punk Globe: Will it be through the same publishing company?
JGR: But of course! BLACK WATER BOOKS!
Punk Globe: Can you give the Punk Globe readers any website addresses for you and the book?
JGR: Check out www.blackwaterbooks.com - it tells of both of my books, anoxic zone and Halocline and how to order them!
Punk Globe: Tell us what the rest of 2010 and the new year of 2011 have in store for you?
JGR: More writing, another book. Looking to do a book tour on the mainland in the spring/summer '11. Hook me up in LA?
Punk Globe: Sure, John, I'll see what I can do! I would like to thank you for the interview, John. Do you have any last words for Punk Globe readers?
JGR: Yeah, I want all you good folks to go out and buy my book. But I'm not an evil capitalist. I want you to share it with other people. Get it out there! Oh yeah, it's printed on recycled paper. We forgot to print it in this edition. We'll get on it next time. Black Water Books is a wake and bake enterprize, so, well, uh, you know. A big mahalo to you, Ginger, for this interview and for keeping Punk Globe right on track. It rocks!
john g rees
Black Water Books

Read john g rees' horror novel ANOXIC ZONE - www.blackwaterbooks.com
Coming soon, the sequel - Halocline