Talks About The Waldo's West Coast Shows
Interview By: Elvis Gus Rotten
Joey Pinter is a great guy and an amazing guitarist. Joining the music scene in 1973, one of his first bands The Knots released a punk single that fits perfectly in with the New York ideology. He has amazed crowds for years playing with the likes of Johnny Thunders, The Senders, The Fast, and Jayne County. Joey’s true legacy is best recollected in his effort with Walter Lure called “Rent Party” and has recently starting touring again with Walter Lure doing limit runs of shows that are turning out to be highly successful. I first started talking to Joey when he saw one of my YouTube videos where I mentioned the Waldos and sent me a message on Youtube and a Facebook friend request; he is truly a genuine guy.
Punk Globe: Thanks for agreeing to do the interview Joey! Starting with the beginning, did you wake up one morning and decide you wanted to play guitar? What was your drive?
Joey Pinter: My first words were Gibson, Fender and not loud enough. My parents were concerned as well as the doctors.
Punk Globe: Who were some of your influences growing up?
Joey Pinter: My life changed when i heard Mick Ronson.
Punk Globe: What was the first guitar you picked up? What is your current ‘brand?’
Joey Pinter: My first guitar was a Kent, I got it in 1966, my father hocked it then it was a bunch of cheap crap that was good to learn on because they made me work, most people give up at that point because playing them sucks. My first "good" guitar was a brand new 1973 Fender Stratocaster. Not long after that I saw Mott The Hoople I sold it (and everything else) to get my first Gibson a '55 Junior
Punk Globe: When you first started out what did you want to accomplish? Are you happy with your accomplishments you have made so far?
Joey Pinter: I was very focused and driven, I wanted the usual, girls, money, guns and to see how loud I can get. To answer the second part, in a word, no
Punk Globe: I wanted to spend a brief period of time talking about the bands you worked with in the past. The list we included in your bio of people who’ve you worked with happen to be all of our favorite artists. One band in particular who do not get very much credit is The Fast. Could you explain your involvement with them?
Joey Pinter: A Max's staple. Light-years ahead of their time, Micki Zone with a double neck Danelectro with one neck, you don't get any better then that. I am blessed to have been at the right place at the right time. Two people who are responsible are Peter Crowley and Hilly Kristal. They took a bunch of social rejects and put us on a stage.
Punk Globe: Some people think success is having platinum. What do you consider success?
Joey Pinter: Platinum what, hair?
Punk Globe: Tell us about the recording sessions for “Rent Party?
Joey Pinter: Long, very long. Andy Shernoff was like Stalin, he was the first guy I ever worked with who put teeth in the guitars
Punk Globe: How long did it take you guys to record “Rent Party?”
Joey Pinter: We would go in the studio, run out of money, play some gigs, go back in for a bit. I think it took a year.
Punk Globe: Where you happy with the way “Rent Party” turned out, would you change anything?
Joey Pinter: The album is wonderful. The only thing I would change is to have Tony Coiro here.
Punk Globe: Do you like the way the record company handled the treatment and release of “Rent Party?”
Joey Pinter: Long Gone John was great, we never met him but he did tons of stuff for us. Last time I talked to him he was living in the woods.
Punk Globe: What are your current plans for the Waldos’ sophomore album?
Joey Pinter: To get Walter drunk enough to write some songs then lock him in the studio with Roy Morgan, Dino Everett and me
Punk Globe: Wasn’t there supposed to be a DVD released featuring footage of the Waldos produced by Walter Lure? Is that still in the works?
Joey Pinter: Walter said something about going through the vault that we have in a secret underground facility if only we could remember where it is. Switzerland or Idaho. We just can't remember.
Punk Globe: Looking back on your career what would you have done anything differently?
Joey Pinter: Don't make me answer that, I'll have to kill myself.
Punk Globe: Any scandalous tour stories that you would like to share with the readers?
Joey Pinter: Don't make me answer that, I'll have to kill you.
Punk Globe: What made you relocate to L.A.?
Joey Pinter: My wonderful wife Angie, I talked her into it. I told her I’m descended from German aristocracy and as soon as the checks clear ill be really, really rich. She’s waiting patiently.
Punk Globe: Any thoughts on the current punk scene?
Joey Pinter: No.
Punk Globe: If you could pick anyone to play with. Who would be in your dream band?
Joey Pinter: Mick Ronson, Marc Bolan, Billy Rodgers.
Punk Globe: Okay you are on a deserted island, you can take five albums…go!
Joey Pinter: Sticky Fingers, Let it Bleed, Ziggy Stardust, and Live at Leeds, Who's Next.
Punk Globe: How do you want to be remembered?
Joey Pinter: That's creepy.
Punk Globe: What advice could you give the Punk Globe readers? Any advice you wish you were given?
Joey Pinter: Never count your money in the subway.
Punk Globe: Thanks for doing the interview Joey, and if I ever win the lottery I will buy you an original pressing of the Knots single!

Editor's Note: the Fast were a highly unique power pop band that headlined Max's Kansas City with Jimi LaLumia!