Interview with Joe Shithead of DOA
by Ginger Coyote

When myy dear friend Christine Editor and Publisher of CRUSHER  Magazine asked me if I might be interested in interviewing Joe Shithead of DOA. I jumped at the chance. Joe and I knew each other in the early days, so I was excited to reacquaint my self with him again.                    

Punk Globe: How long as DOA been together now?

Joe: DOA started Feb 11,1978, so that’s 28 years now

The current line up is myself Joe Shithead Keithley, Randy Rampage, and the Great Baldini on drums

Punk Globe: Randy is back in the fold how cool! Tell him hello! I remember meeting you and DOA your first trip to San Francisco I think it was in 78’ or 79’. I remember Randy and Chuck also. Was Dave Gregg playing with DOA back then?

Joe: No Dave joined us in early 1980, when our 1st album came out "Something Better Change."Randy is a longshoreman, and now plays in DOA once again.

Punk Globe: What is Dave Gregg and Chuck Bisquits up to?

Dave sells t shirts on big tours , he has lived in NYC for the last 15 years.

Chuck is semi-retired from drumming I think, too bad , ‘cause he is surely one of the best drummers ever!

Punk Globe:  How about Jon Card?

Joe: Jon drums with the Canadian Subhumans ( they have reformed)


Punk Globe: Who were some of DOA's influences early on and now?

Joe: In the early early days my influences would have been Hendrix , Black Sabbath , Bob Dylan and Woodie Guthrie, Bob Marley

Now I try to influence things rather than being influencd by them.

Punk Globe: How many releases does DOA have out now?

Joe: DOA have put out about 44 releases including albums, comps, singles an EP

Punk Globe: Which DOA release is your favorite?

Joe: LOL Not sure , I would say that’s up to the fans to figure out.

Punk Globe: Tell the readers about your label Sudden Death Records. You started the label in 1978 right?

Joe: Yes, we started up in 78 , put out 6 DOA singles , then it went completely dormant by about 1983. I started it up again in 1998 in earnest. We now have 64 release out.

Go to to see all of them

Punk Globe: Who are some of the bands that you have on your label? You are doing some great reissues of DOA “War on 45” and Pointed Sticks who were a much underrated band- here in the USA.

Joe: Real McKenzies, Modernettes, SCHULZ, Young Canadians, the Damned, and so on

Punk Globe: Which releases do well for the label?

Joe: DOA, Pointed Sticks, Real McKenzies

Punk Globe: Was releasing The Real MackenziMcKenzie's your friendship with Jay Scott? Do you still speak with Jay? I really like Jay he is one of the nicest people ever!

Joe:Yes, I still am close with Jay Scott.  Jay is in the gaming industry now, one of the great guys.

He no longer works with with the McKenzies.

I signed them because I have been friends w/ Paul and Kurt since 1979.

Punk Globe: Do you have any sage advice for an upcoming band who may wanna send you a demo?

Joe: Yes , please don’t send something that sounds like something that has been already done 10 million times

Punk Globe: Tell us about the labels new releases for 2006?

Joe: Another Pointed Sticks release, SCHULZ ( ex-KMFDM) Just, Joe Keithley solo CD. Maybe a live DOA DVD

Punk Globe: You have a solo acoustic release out now as well. Tell us about that. I have read reviews giving you similarities to Wood Guthrie. What brought on a mellow Joe?

Joe: Well it’s not really mellow, it’s just acoustic , in fact we call it anarcoustic ...

Woody is a big hero of mine ‘cause he took on the establishment, I have done shows with Pete Seeger as well ( an old buddy of Woody’s)

 Punk Globe: Tell us about the book you wrote? I have yet to read it but Jone Srebbens who now is with Imperial Teen and used to play with The Wrecks thought it was good fun.  But she thought  alot of things were overlooked.  But it was still good.

Joe: Yes, Jone and The Wrecks send them my best. The book as fun to write and quite a bit longer with the 1st draft, the book company chopped about 1/3 of it because it was too expensive to print and ship. It includes all of the key things that happened with me and DOA

Punk Globe: Any fun stories of the parties at Ian Cartmill’s Secret Studio's in San Francisco included in the book. We all had some wild times back then. So many of us who are no longer with us.

Joe: Those were some very wild times.. I do remember that. But not really, I just remember the Liquor Barn as about a block away from his studio, not a great combination.

Punk Globe: I also read that you had run for a Government Office? What was the outcome? Congratulations on expanding your career very much like Jello Biafra.

Joe: Yes, I ran three times up here for the Green Party, it as cool trying to get people to think about trying to do less harm to the earth and save it for the future. I am retired from that now, I always got a fair number of votes but I finally realized that while people will always vote for Shitheads , they won’t necessarily vote for Joe Shithead

Punk Globe: Are there any current bands out now  that float your boat? 

I have heard The McRackins have a new release out. Have you heard it?

Joe: No, have not heard The McRackins CD yet.

Punk Globe: Any big shows or tour plans for DOA?

Joe: We are playing a couple of big peace festival this summer up here in BC.

Punk Globe: I would like to thank you so much for the interview Joe. Any final words of wisdom for our readers and additional plugs.. I wish you and DOA continued good luck with your legendary careers.

Joe: OK -Thankyou very much for the fun interview- Ginger

Just tell the Punk Globe readers;

"Think for yourselves, create your own world and keep up the fight!"

Joe Shithead Keithley




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