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By: Ban Tasers
This is a perfect book, sexy, fun, colorful, pure rock'n'roll, totally in-character. She's one of the best rock stars ever. Like Keith Richards, AC/DC, Marc Bolan, or Zodiac Mindwarp....or Doctor Strange...or the Silver Surfer. A total comic book super hero, but with some deep vein of pained John Lennon's simple, soulful, truth. One of the best rhythm guitarists, ever.
The coffee-table auto-bio is about the size of an old LP, and it's full of giant, full-page, pin-up's from the Runaways, 'til now. Awesome, gorgeous, simple. Her writing is just like her songs. Bedrock honesty, looks you in the eye, has nothing to hide. She's STILL hot. Someone once said, Joan is like, the female Ramone. Total integrity, black leather soul, milkshake and french fries, perpetually teenaged, glitter punk. I saw her this year, being backed-up by her long-time partner in crime, Kenney Laguna, on tambourine, keys, and back-up vocals. They smoked through close to twenty songs. Hit after hit. Everybody loved her. She brought all the people together. I'm reminded that she's one of the main reasons I was first attracted to punk, as a kid. She turned me on to all that good old British glam-rock, too. I'm from Kentucky, I went to a Bible school in the Appalachian mountains, so it was she, who first, really, introduced me to Slade, the Sweet, Gary Glitter, and the Arrows. I do remember seeing Suzi Quatro as Leather Tuscadero, on "Happy Days", but it was Joan's guitar sound that really prepped me for Steve Jones, and Johnny Ramone, and Cheetah Chrome. Obviously, I got my whole look from her, too. Even before I was hip to Johnny Thunders, Chrissie Hynde, Adam Ant, and Stiv Bator, I had Joan. What a gift. Have ya heard that Ian Hunter song, "I STILL Love Rock'n'Roll"? That's sortof, like, the (I Love...) "Rock'n'Roll Part Two" for the 00's, ya know? Whenever I see a picture of Kim Fowley, or Rodney Bingenheimer, I often, think of how grateful I am, for all they did to hip us to Joan Jett...and Dramarama. When was the last time you blasted, "The French Song", or my personal fave, "Fake Friends"??? Few hold their own with Joan Jett, a born star, a classic. She credits her folks for her confidence. I credit her, for inspiring my whole generation. Thank you, Joan. Thanks. We love ya.