May 2017


Jimmy Sisco
Ep Review By: Lisa Lunney

The idea of Christian-centred Punk music is very unique. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Sometimes Christian music can come across as too preachy and the lyrics lose their authenticity. It is music that most struggle to connect with.

I was pleasantly surprised with Jimmy Sisco’s 3 Song Acoustic EP Series. As the singer/guitarist/songwriter for ABSOLVED and Platoon 1107, Jimmy has released some of the biggest, most aggressive music on Thumper Punk Records. For his 3 Song Acoustic EP, the music is delicate, balanced and soulful, with one track of 70s era folk and two readings of Old Testament scripture over ambient backgrounds. The music and words flow so freely, it is a must-listen.

The first song “Son of the Wind” was written by country-western artist Jim Sisco, Sr., in 1970, and recorded by his son Jimmy in the days prior to his father’s death from cancer. This song was written in one of the most emotional times one can experience in their life. All the raw emotions come out and tug at your heartstrings. ‘Recorded from the most sincere and loving place in one’s heart, Son of the Wind is a tribute to a son’s love for his father’.

Chapters One and Two of The Book of Haggai were recited from the King James Version. These songs present experimental ambient soundscapes below the sounds of Biblical text recitation. This is not Holy Scripture set to music...this is music set to Holy Scripture.

Track listing:

  1. Son of the Wind
  2. The Book of Haggai: Chapter One
  3. The Book of Haggai: Chapter Two

If you're not of Christian faith, don't worry. There is still much to take away and enjoy from Sisco's work. His message is not one that preaches about religion, instead it focuses more on humanity and both the chaos and pleasantries of human nature.

Available as limited edition 7" vinyl from the TPR webstore (http://thumperpunkrecords.storenvy.com/) and for digital download on iTunes, AmazonMP3, and from all the usual suspects. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jimmy Sisco.

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