by Ginger Coyote

I have known Olivia Competente since she was a young girl. Her Parents- Dina and Freddie had been working at The Mabuhay Gardens and then later they owned The On Broadway. They have helped many well known bands hone their talents and build a following. Olivia is one of the most talented  young Women I know she is a Chef, Teacher, Jewelry Maker, Does Tax's and a Lighting Special Effects Woman. Her entire Family are some of the kindest most  wonderful people I have ever met. I hope you enjoy my interview with Olivia.

Punk Globe: Can you give the readers some background about yourself and your jewelry?  

Olivia Competente:  I started making jewelry because my mom Dina refused to buy a really gaudy pair of earrings I lusted for from Macy's.  She told me "You get to make some for your self!" and took me to the oldest bead shop in the city- Yoni beads.  $ 40.00 dollars later she started an obsession that has been a truly great part of my life.

Punk Globe:  How exciting both your Mother and Father worked at The Legendary Mabuhay Gardens? Were you ever able to see any of the shows at The Mabuhay? 

Olivia Competente:  It was really fun that both of them worked for my great Uncle Ness.  Dina would bartend on the weekends and my dad Freddie would help with the door, they both chewed out a few people and saved a few also.  I remember seeing Blondie, The Ramones, The Alley Boys,  Naomi Eisenberg, and Chris Issac.  My biggest memory was when my dad took me out for a day of fun with my cousins and left my mom at the Mabuhay to do books.  I was about three, we went to the park, ate dim sum, walked around Chinatown, had a milk shake and hot dog, went back to the playground, ate popcorn and cotton candy.  Then when we got to the Mab I felt queasy, told my dad.  So he started to clean the bathroom and it happened- I puked all over the person coming through the door way- Deborah Harry!  I was so upset.  She forgave me. 

Punk Globe: Did you have any favorite bands from The Mabuhay Gardens days? 

Olivia Competente: Well I always loved Blondie and of course the White Trash Debutantes!

Punk Globe: After the Mabuhay Gardens closed your Parents went upstairs to The On Broadway. How long were they there for? 

Olivia Competente:My parents owned the On Broadway from the late 80's till the mid 90's, so I figure about 7 years or so.  It was a blast!

Punk Globe:  What sort of shows did you have at The On Broadway? 

Olivia Competente: My mom tried to book a variety of shows and try everything.  Some days we would have Opera in the afternoon,a one man avant garde play in the early evening, Bet comedy in the late night.  it was very exciting.  We even had the White Trash Debutantes preform one night.  

Punk Globe:  You had some live music because I remember The White Trash Debutantes playing there for Dina. Grace (ex Mabuhay Gardens Waitress)  was the cocktail Waitress I believe.

Olivia Competente: One year we had Tammy from Paradigm(not sure how to spell it) studios book some there bands  PIG, Cherry bay, High Wire.  Then we had a bunch of Hip Hop come through and a few great DJ's like Q-bert.

Punk Globe: Was it at The On Broadway that you began doing light work? From there you went on and joined the Union right? 

Olivia Competente:  When I turned 13 the producer from a play asked me if I wanted to run the lighting board and I said,"yeah, why not."  I found I had an aptitude for it and groups started to use be as there lighting person, then John Epstien showed me how to run and sound mixer and how to service everything.  He was a big help and a wealth of knowledge.  Then when the On Broadway closed I went to city college where I became a cook.  I was a cook till I was in my early twenties then I found a job as an audio visual tech.  Then I started working for the Stage hands union.

Punk Globe: Tell us some of the places you have worked? 

Olivia Competente:  I have worked in a ton of places as a cook and a tech.  I worked at the old Cable car theater, The Exit theater,  The Noh space, Mason theater, Fairmont hotel, interned as a cook at the St Francis hotel and the Fillmore, Moscone center. And now I have been working as a jewelry instructor at the Sharon Arts Studio in Golden Gate Park.

Punk Globe:  Can you give the readers the address to your  new Website for your Jewelry? 

Olivia Competente:shiny new website is

Punk Globe:  Your Mother has been involved with Ceramics and Jewelry. Was it Dina that made you interested in designing Jewelry? 

Olivia Competente:  Right before 9-11 My mom retired from working for Bank of America and decided to go back to China painting class.  She looked and me and said," If you want to be a true jeweler you should at least take some formal classes." So I did and now I am the teacher's assistant.  My Mom and Dad have always been my biggest fans and support.

Punk Globe:  You design some beautiful Earrings, Necklaces,  Tiara's  and Pins.. I strongly urge the any readers to check out your site and make an order as they are truly great work... Give us a run down of all the items you have available up at your site? 

Olivia Competente:  I have a wide range of beautiful affordable jewelry.  I have beaded crowns and tiaras that start at $20 dollars and go to $120,  beaded earrings that price from $15 dollars to $60,  My personal favorite necklace that are $20 to $120 and fused glass pins and pendants that range from $5 to $95.  All pieces are one of a kind!

Punk Globe:  You travel to different Conventions, Craft Shows and  Fairs  to show your work. Tell us about some the conventions that stand out?  

Olivia Competente:I just had a great time at the annual Rakkasah belly dance convention in Richmond, ca.  I love showing my work off at Costume College in Van Nuys, CA and dressing up in costume at the annual Bay Area costume convention of Baycon.

Punk Globe: What is the farthest you have traveled to a Convention, Fairs  or Craft Show? 

Olivia Competente:I have not gone far.  I usually try and get to L. A. at least once a year. I am trying for the Philadelphia art and craft show for next year.

Punk Globe:  Olivia, you have also are now an Instructor. How great! How long have you been teaching and where are your classes being held?

Olivia Competente: I have been teaching at a great institution called the Sharon Arts studio in golden gate park. I had taken classes at the studio since I was very young and my mom had been taking pottery and china painting classes since I was a year old.  I have been teaching for about a year now.

Punk Globe: We at Punk Globe would like to wish you continued success with your Jewelry Line, Teaching and doing Lights.. We again urge anyone looking for a special gift for a friend or loved one to check out your Website. Do you have any added information that you may like to share with the readers.  

Olivia Competente:  Nope I think you covered it all.  Thanks for the time and being so great.

Punk Globe:  Thanks for the wonderful interview Olivia. Will we see you at The Mabuhay Gardens Reunion Show at The Fillmore?

Olivia Competente:  I'll try.  I need to score a ticket.

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