The wonderful Jennifer Hill recently interviewed me for her Blog JLG365. So I decided to in turn interview her. She was an absolute delight.... Enjoy!
Punk Globe: Hi Jennifer. Thanks for the interview. Can you tell a bit about yourself?
Jennifer: I was born in Port Jefferson, NY, and lived with my mom, dad and older brother in Bayville, Long Island, for about seven years. Although I was very young, I remember Bayville well. We lived within walking distance to the beach and would always go out on my dad's boat to do some fishing every weekend. Needless to say, when my parents told me we had to move to Birdsboro, PA, because my dad's employer was relocating him, I was heartbroken. No more ocean, just "fresh water" lakes. I never even knew that there were bodies of water that did not taste like salt! Thankfully, one of the first things my parents did when we moved to PA was buy a summer home near the beach in Sea Isle City, NJ, so we could all see the ocean any time we wanted. In 1992 I graduated from high school and moved out of my parent's house. Don't get me wrong, my mom and dad are the greatest parents in the fucking world, but I needed my own space to be, well ... ME! I got my first of twelve (and counting) tattoo and would go to every concert I could. Who I really was was finally defined and I have not really changed much since then. I am who I am. And I could care less if anyone does not like it. Fast-forwarding to the present day, I still live in PA, but not in Birdsboro. I now live in Reading with my husband, who is the light and love of my life and the lid to my pot.
Punk Globe: Besides your blog, what else do you do?
Jennifer: I like to crochet, work out, do crossword puzzles and catalog every type of ant I see in my yard. Wait, no. That's not right. I misread the question. Those are the things I would never do in my free time. Honestly though, when I am not blogging, I like to spend time with my husband and close friends. I listen to music 24/7 and I read non-superhero graphic novels like fucking crazy. (Listen up now, my little Punk Globe reading spice weasels: If you have not read Neil Gaimans’ "Sandman", Warren Ellis' "Transmetropolitan" or Garth Ennis' "Preacher", then you need to go get them all now and expose yourself to some of the best storytelling and art of the modern era.) I really do not watch TV that much, but there are some shows that I DVR whenever they are on. My favorites include House (Olivia Wilde is HAWT), The Venture Bros. (an "adult" cartoon on the Cartoon Network), The Simpsons, Family Guy, Dexter and D-List (Kathy Griffin is always piss your pants funny). I am also fascinated with the paranormal, so I watch all the cheesy ghost hunting shows cable TV has to offer.
Punk Globe: Where are you located?
Jennifer: Oh, I am totally small time. My "office" is in the corner of my living room in our home in Reading. This area is a curious place of extremes where you can go from rural PA Dutch country to the homogeneous urban sprawl between NYC and Philly in an hour’s car ride; where spring and autumn are a beautiful paradise and summer and winter unbearable hell; where the poverty of dying coal and steel towns bracket the opulence of the Delaware Valley; where the redneck and liberal fight over which way the commonwealth is going to swing every four years.
Punk Globe: How long have you doing JLG365 for?
Jennifer: I got my first computer over ten years ago. It was then that I started my first website (GAZ Online), which was primitive to say the least. Nonetheless, I pressed on, taught myself web design and programming, and I now have JLG365, the world-renowned, in my mind at least, pop-culture blog.
Punk Globe: I am very impressed with the layout and graphics.Who does them?
Jennifer: Thank you! Everything on JLG365 I designed myself. I try and change out the look and "feel" of the site every now and then because frankly I just get sick of looking at the same design every day.
Punk Globe: Do you do daily updates?
Jennifer: I try to, but sometimes my brain just goes dead and I can't think of anything to blog about. I have been fortunate enough as of late not to have that problem because I have a ton of interviews, guest blog posts and mad rants tucked away for future blog posts. In fact, today or tomorrow I will be writing a post about peanut butter! Whoops. Did I just lose potential blog readers by saying that? Hope not because it is going to be one of my infamous “Mad Rants”. All of my rants can be read here:
Punk Globe: Tell us about some of your interviews. Best interview? Dullest interview? Biggest name interview? And of course most fun interview?
Jennifer: Best interview? Well DUH! Fucking Ginger Coyote! And I am not saying that because this is going to be in Punk Globe, either. Interviewing Ginger was like having my own personal time machine where I could go back and live through her as she met and hung out with shitloads of my musical idols like Joni Mitchell, Joey Ramone, Courtney Love and Kate Pierson. And the fact that Ginger is still as fucking bad ass as she was thirty years ago is pure inspiration to me. My interview with Ginger can be read here: http://ginger.jlg365.com. Dullest interview? Oh my. I can't answer that without offending someone can I? I will say that I have had at least one dull interview, but I will leave it at that.

Biggest name interview? Heh. Like I said, I am pretty much small time right now. I like to interview people who I feel will become a "big name" like Maurice Freeman, an up-and coming young freelance graphic artist, designer, illustrator, cartoonist and aspiring music producer or Maor Appelbaum, a recording, mixing and mastering engineer in the music industry who has just finished working with Lita Ford and Rob Halford. Maurice’s interview can be read here: http://maurice.jlg365.com.

Most fun interview? Oh, that's easy. I interviewed my beautiful and dear friend Brandy, who is an intelligent, captivating and sensitive person. Many, many people would forfeit their greatest possessions just to be in her presence as her personality is like a supernaturally orgasmic form of the purest white horse that would drop even the most indomitable man or woman to their knees. And, although she is aware of the attention she draws, she is always humbled by it, never turning immodest or vain from all the ministration. Did I mention she also has a fucking rocking body? Because she does. Brandy’s interview can be read here: http://brandy.jlg365.com.
Punk Globe: Are you musical? Have you ever been in a band?
Jennifer: I can play the tambourine. Does that count? My husband, younger “brother” Seanny and I jam out in my basement sometimes and call ourselves "SMISH". Hubby on bass, Seanny on lead guitar and me trying to sing. Does that count as a band? On a side note, Seanny is actually a very talented guitar player.
Punk Globe: Tell us your favorite musicians?
Jennifer: When I was younger my parents exposed me to The Beatles, Elvis, and Fleetwood Mac. I still love their music to this day, but as I grew up, I started to discover music that defined, inspired and impacted me on a much higher level. Some of my favorite musicians/bands include Jane's Addiction, PiL, early NIN, The Cure, The Ramones, Type O Negative, Monster Magnet, Grant Lee Buffalo, The Misfits, Zep, Johnny Cash, The B-52's, Liz Phair, Madonna, The Smiths, Ministry, The Damned, NY Dolls, L7, KMFDM and The White Stripes. HOWEVER, my all-time favorite musician ever is Siouxsie Sioux. Whether it is her work with the Banshees, the Creatures or solo, Sioux has been a part of my life as far back as I can remember. She is a lyrical genius. In fact, as I am answering these interview questions, I am listening to SATB do "Eve White/Eve Black" live from 1983. Hell, I even have her trademark eyes tattooed on my arm.
Punk Globe: Who would be your ultimate interview?
Jennifer: I would love to interview George W. Bush just so I can ask him what the hell he was thinking when he was totally fucking up our country. Whet an asshole.
Punk Globe: Can you give Punk Globe readers the blog address and any other information that you feel important?
Jennifer: Of course! The web address is www.JLG365.com. My Facebook fan page address is http://facebook.jlg365.com. I can be followed on Twitter at http://twitter.com/jlg365. Also, I would like to take the time to thank my staff who make JLG365 possible, even if it’s just by inviting friends to become fans on Facebook or handing out my business cards: Mr. JLG365 (Co-Founder), Brandy Bledsoe (Filthy Assistant in FL), Stephanie Palmer (Filthy Assistant in PA), Sean Columbo (Administrator in PA) and Joseph Blake (Administrator in FL). Contact information for my staff can be found here: http://www.jlg365.com/contacts.
Punk Globe: I hope you have a very Happy Holidays Jennifer! Do you have any words of wisdom for Punk Globe readers?
Jennifer: Same to you! This was a fucking blast! Before I go, two things, dear readers. First, the evil that is in the world almost always comes of ignorance. Good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence if they lack understanding (Albert Camus). And second, life is criticism and love. Drink the love and fuck the critics (JL Hill).