December 2017


J.D.’s Revenge
Arrow Films/MVD
Blu-ray Review By: Jaime Pina

Considered a supernatural entry into the Blaxploitation genre, J.D.’s Revenge is such a great film it transcends the label and stands on its own. Released in 1976 by AIP, it had a solid director in Arthur Marks who was already a veteran of the genre having worked with exceptional actors like Pam Grier, Fred “The Hammer” Williamson and Thalmus Rasulala. In J.D.’s Revenge Marks gets the pleasure of directing two high intensity actors, Glynn Turman and Louis Gossett, Jr., and both turn in powerful, unforgettable performances.

Turman plays Isaac, a young student who is living with Christella played by Joan Pringle. They go out with friends and end up at a nightclub where Isaac is invited up on stage with some others to be hypnotized. Days after the show they start to notice little changes in him. With the aid of flashbacks we learn that Isaac has been taken over by the spirit of a deceased gangster named J.D. Walker. He has come back to get even with the brother of boxing Reverend Elijah Bliss. As Isaac’s transformation becomes complete the brothers and the spirit of J.D. head for a showdown with Christella and friends caught in the middle.

This is a very special release for a very special film and Arrow has produced a real gem of a package that will delight the film’s fans and fascinate newcomers. The film looks and sounds great and there is a wealth of essential extras. The Killing Floor, a making of documentary produced by Arrow is a fine companion to the film with a wealth of information on the origins of the film and its execution. The doc features interviews with screenwriter Jaison Starkes, director Arthur Marks, editor George Folsey, Jr. and star Glyn Turman. J.D. himself, David McKnight is represented via audio interview with film clips to illustrate the scenes he is discussing. This is a five star package and fans should rejoice.

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