"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> JAYNE COUNTY'S SEX! ART! MUSIC!
by Pierre Skene
It's been a short four months since the wildly successful "SEX! ART! MUSIC!" exhibition at NYC's legendary Chelsea Hotel. What was thought to be a one weekend event has now transformed into a travelling show, a magical mixture of contemporary art and music that suits Jayne County's artistic career to a tee!
Kymara Lecchi Lonergan, Jayne's artistic agent and founder of Kymara 21st Century Happenings, presented the show at her Biddeford gallery at The North Dam Mill, a gigantic complex originally owned by the historic Pepperell Company Mill and perched above the banks of the Saco River. The once industrial setting has been transformed into a sprawling complex housing an untold number of creative artists, painters, musicians, porcelain makers, photographers, etc. Kymara is dedicated to bringing pop artist Andy Warhol's influences to Maine and this show was just another step towards that goal.
The gallery is a large space with aluminium foil covered walls reflecting light streaming in from the large industrial windows. You really felt like Alice in Wonderland while wandering around the space and taking in all the art. The free Zombie Punch didn't hurt, in fact, it was so strong you could swear someone mixed some LSD and crushed Quaaludes into it! As if that weren't enough, those attending were offered free hand-crafted beer, "Serendipity 3" iced chocolate drinks, delicious delights from a 1st class caterer and the best dark chocolate for you could get for $10.00 with partial proceeds going to the Animal Welfare Society in Maine.
The party was once again hosted by underground Superstar Miestorm, Milo Rock and graffiti master Alexander Kaminsky with invaluable help from film maker Ian Couch and interior designer Tommy Beall.
Jayne greeted us dressed to the nines for the event in a black and silver negligee under a red satin shirt. Her fierce, flaming red leather boots were definitely made for walking if you know what I mean! Jayne gave us a personal tour of her artwork. We were awestruck by a piece made out of plastic bags! With paintings named "Dick Head", "Nine Separate Faces", "Sarah Palin in 3D", "Wisdom Up Close" and "Fragile Universe", Jayne's inspiration comes from her political, musical and religious views. Specially autographed prints of Jayne's latest "Candy Darling on a Penis Cross" painting were on sale and were offered with a free blowjob! Now that's what I call a bargain!
We also got an idea of what would soon become the Billy Name Museum in Kennebunkport with giant reproductions of Billy's famous shots from the Factory. Other artists included in the exhibition were Ian Couch, Anton Perich, Miestorm Pierre Q. Serpent, Fernando Carpaneda,, Prairie Prince, Mick Rock, Philly Abe, Louis Waldon, Walter Steding, Marc Floyd (The Floydian Device) who brings you the monthly PunkGlobe's magazine cover, London's visual artist Amanda Burns, Ultra Violet, Alex Kaminsky, Shepard Fairey, Agitpop and Hoop. The show also had a new addition with S. Kay Young and famous Creem and New York Rocker photographer Sue Rynski who captured Iggy Pop, Patti Smith, Ron Asheton, The Dead Boys and Johnny Thunders for her "Detroit Rock Underground" collection.
After drinking too much of the powerful punch we were all invited to an adjacent, immense space with old wooden floors filled with Warhol-inspired artworks that became the perfect setting for the second part of the night, Jayne's live stage performance! Jayne joyously appeared greeting the audience and showing off. The crowd was ecstatic knowing her live performances all become legendary. She joined her fantastic band, The War Holes composed of Milo Rock on bass, Frank Coleman on drums and Bob "Toxic" Kuch on guitar. The second guitarist couldn't make it 3 days prior to the show but the band worked it like nothing happened. These guys made such a great impact during the NYC show and we knew they wouldn't disappoint the Maine crowd!
The set opened with a rapid fire trio of classics, "Max's Kansas City", "Storm the Gates of Heaven" and "Man Enough to Be a Woman". Halfway through the set, Jayne's political side shone through while performing one of her fan's new faves, "Rush the Magic Crackhead". Jayne later told us she noticed some audience members leaving, seemingly offended by her hilariously caustic anti-Rush Limbaugh lyrics but that didn't stop her from taking things a notch higher with the classic "Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl" and "Fuck Off". Jayne and The War Holes returned to a heated up audience screaming for an encore and performed "Night Time", ending the show laying on the floor, kicking up her feet and shouting "Night Time" with yours truly and Kymara, while other raging fans sang along. With charisma and rock attitude you can't find anywhere else, to say that Jayne is still one of the best performers alive ain't no understatement. She rips her heart out, hands it to her adoring fans and knows how to make every performance a memorable one.
With its effective blend of art and music, "Jayne County's Sex! Art! Music!" could easily become a world travelling event as it offers so much more than the usual formal gallery show. With Jayne fronting bands in New York, London, Los Angeles and Berlin and Kymara's head constantly filled with creative projects, who knows what this show could become.
Be sure to not miss the release of Jayne County & The War Holes live at The Chelsea Hotel CD that was recorded at the first show last April.
You can also order an autographed copy of Jayne's "So New York" CD, complete with a bright red lipstick kiss directly from Jayne at sweetandsourjayne@yahoo.com.
For info on Jayne's artwork, please call Kymara at 207-286-7399 or email her at kymara@kymara.com