February 2018


My I TONYA story....
Article By: Ginger Coyote

The WHITE TRASH DEBUTANTES sent her Attorney an invite to have Tonya Harding join the White Trash Debutantes in the mid 90's... A couple months later Tonya's Attorney sent me a letter letting me know that Tonya's contract with King World Television was ending and that she was interested in joining the band... We were playing Music West Music Fest in Vancouver and the festival coordinator Jay Scott had a publicist contact me and it made every major news wire all over the world.... WE made HISTORY... We were written about in Sports Illustrated..... On CNN, all of the news broadcasts, Howard Stern and Mancow interviewed us.... We were on Conan O'Brien, Roseanne mentioned us on her sitcom.....News crews came out when we played in Portland and Seattle.. Interviewed in Japan, China, France, Italy, Australia, United Kingdom and Africa. Jim Lucio flew in from New York City and filmed a documentary like Michael Moore's "Roger and Me.." Except it was called "Tonya and Me" he interviewed places that Tonya frequented. Plaid Pantry's where she had bought beer and Camel Straights at, Places her Mother had worked, He also interviewed Elaine Stamm who was her fanclub president. She sold overpriced sweatshirts with Tonya's likeness on them and other pricey items.. Elaine felt that The WHITE TRASH DEBUTANTES were using Tonya to get attention.... She started a demonstration against us calling us Devil Worshippers when we played The Satyricon in Portland.. Ben Munat who booked the club and the owner George had a "Welcome Home Tonya Harding" on the Marquee and Elaine and a few members were telling the news crew how Punk Rock Pat who (was 78 years old) was using Tonya to get fame.... We played The Weathered Wall in Seattle and the news crews came out... We went to Vancouver and the Border Police questioned Punk Rock Patty and her reason to be in the van and asked us all sorts of questions. but then asked where Tonya Harding was. Tonya finally came to see us when we played Lewis and Clark College with The Cherry Popping Daddy's... Tonya opted not to join the band because she felt we were way to wild.... Oddly enough the reason for the invite was one of her alternative offers of being a sumo wrestler in Japan.... WE FELT SHE DESERVED BETTER.... At the show there were gigantic Sumo Wrestlers showing off their skills and Tonya was standing near them watching us thinking we were too wild... Well she got 'I Tonya' and the fabulous Margot Robbie to play her... So remember we started it all with DON'T FUCK WITH TONYA HARDING..... WHITE TRASH DEBUTANTES Love Tonya