By Ms. Ligaya and The Floydian Device
After having spent the afternoon getting footage of “22ND CENTURY”, we wrapped and headed for Tony Bardach of THE POINTED STICKS’ hangout ‘THE DENTAL LAB’ in East Van for round two of the night that never ended…getting to the Lab as quickly as we could before the night set in, not wanting to miss too much of the earlier bands. “THE DENTAL LAB” is notorious for having equally great bands on throughout the night - none worth missing…and a chance to hang out with the magnanimous Tony Bardach before things get too loud and the night gets too busy is always a mission.
The Lab was having the BBQ that night where the mega mass of all our friends and fiends would end up. Stocked up with Strongbow and Tequila, we arrived just after sunset and the first thing to be seen is REV. ROT IN HELL’s wheels parked out front… to see this thing parked out in front of anywhere would be fantastical - art and darkness, poison and passion, death and desire wrapped mercilessly around every curve of this car. Babies and bondage and demons, oh my… BABIES AND BONDAGE AND DEMONS, OH MY…To see it parked out in front of the Lab was a guarantee - the moon would be full and the madness would be gorgeous. We were in the right place and the stars were aligning in the big dusky East Van sky.
The stars were definitely out that night - smattered around the full moon like backstage rock-star hangers-on … and below them - stars of the full-on authentic punk-rock variety… Icons and artists, poets and thieves. Punk rock royalty in full attendance of the 3rd ANNUAL "I SURVIVED PUNK ROCK REUNION!".
With the legendary Cecil English mixing sound out of the back of the 1940’s black ominous-looking flatbed truck… the night had kicked off with Siobhan Duvall’s band - The Ramones/Blondie’s lust-spawn “DUVALLSTAR”. Making ‘pink’ the new black - leaving a trail of pink boas and pink sequins in their wake - the bass player (sweet and sexy Michelle Duff) wore a pink tutu and the inimitable guitar god Sonny Dean wore a pink boa as evidence of the power punk rock show opener - while Siobhan Duvall whisked herself away into the night to play not one - but two more shows elsewhere…
We came in just at the end of Gerry-Jenn Wilson’s evil reincarnation that would make Suzi Quatro’s leathers proud - “48 CRASH” made up of Randy Bowman, Tony Walker, Lisafurr Lloyd and Gerry Jenn on scorching vocals. Die-hard Suzi fans would have come all the way from Detroit to see “48 CRASH” ripping the night open into what would turn out to be an infamous night of seriously classic punk bands with a show to beat anything that was going on anywhere else that night. Anywhere. Period. If you weren’t there - too bad for you…
Next on the bill were “THE HATHAWAYS”, a band that smolders like the cherry off of a hash joint, threatening to burn a hole in your soul just for listening. With their black suits and unapologetic sexy-and-cruel cool - strikingly back-dropped by Bradford Lambert’s clay-mation porn being screened on the 3 storey brick wall behind them - “THE HATHAWAYS” set the tone for the darker part of the night yet to come…

“THE STRUGGLERS” stepped in next and turned a simmering squall into a hurricane of howls, riffs and righteous rock - fronted by a halfclad Bertman , and an Uncle Miltie wearing a Karate White Belt … this band includes members of ‘LITTLE GUITAR ARMY“ with Big Bad Doug Smith on bass… if for any reason you haven’t yet seen this band live just know that this band can rip up one side of you and down the other before you can tweet: “WTF: WIKD FKN BAND!” to 1000 of your closest friends and followers… so be prepared. It was serious hardcore punk rock for the not so serious fans that raged with them screaming every word of every chorus.

With the evening weaving it’s way to the final act - the night air was rich and thick as if summoning the perfect storm - the one -the only -the original ARTIST, POET, & THIEF - I BRAINEATER backed by Duane and Tim from “22nd CENTURY” with the ZIPPY PINHEAD on drums… By then the party was at a surging rage, the place packed with rockers and rockstars, fans and fotographers, writers and fighters, filmmakers and scenestealers, everybody and anybody - even the moon pulled in closer as Braineater purled love story, hate story, planet x story and every classic Braineater punk story known to every soul there. If Brando and Iggy had a love child - I, BRAINEATER could be the only one to school it on cool…Braineater stalked the stage, seduced the crowd with every verse and chorus with the conviction of both prisoner and preacher of punk, belted out a verse with Randy Rampage, and anointed us all with the final chorus…. “ I can’t stop loving you… ’TIL THE DAY… I … DIE”.

With that, the night ended - unleashing the freaks, satisfied and drunk on punk, upon the full moon above.