Last month, Punk Globe had the chance to interview Isabel Monteiro of the band : Drugstore....She told us about her future plans, gave some details on the band's history and special answers to never before asked questions.After 7 years, Drugstore is back....Enjoy!
PUNK GLOBE : Isabel firstly thank you once again for accepting this interview.How was the first half of 2010 for you? Drugstore pefromed at Dingwalls last year and played some more shows in 2010,too.How was the feedback you got?
ISABEL : It has been great, both Dingwalls and ICA gigs sold out way in advance. Supernice, considering we had disappeared for nearly 7 years. I think people don't forget the songs they loved, and there was always a strong bond between the band and the fans. It's still there – beautiful.
PUNK GLOBE : Let's start from the early days. Was it always your thought or dream to be in a band? What made you decide to start a band and make music?
ISABEL : Had no idea I was gonna end up as a songwriter in a band. Like most kids, I was a massive music lover. Ended up in England, sharing flats, with an acoustic guitar. Things just evolved from there, pretty organic process, nothing planned, really.
PUNK GLOBE : Please tell us a bit about the Drugstore formation.? Did you have any musical projects or collobrated with any bands before Drugstore?And would the sound of Drugstore be any different if you had started maybe 5 years later? What do you think?
ISABEL : I hooked with Mike, our previous drummer. We were both just playing bass and drums in other people's bands – nothing that exciting. We had the same taste, loved the same bands. I wrote a couple of nice songs and from that came the idea of starting our own band. No major masterplan, but we really had the drive to get things going – and pretty quickly released our 1st single ‘Alive' ourselves – only 500 copies – that generated a lot of interest and good press, and we got signed up by GoDiscs pretty quickly. I don't think our music would have or could have been any different, as it's totally song-based – We were never, thankfully, the ‘sound' or flavour of the month, that has greatly worked in our favour in the long run.
PUNK GLOBE : The b-sides & rarities compilation was released in 2001.But other than that, are there any songs of Drugstore that haven't seen the light of the day yet and maybe released or re-recorded again in the near future?
ISABEL : Crikey – that's hard to tell. We always had bits and pieces of music lying around – did tons of live sessions. Even today, I have dozens of little tracks sitting around, lyrics half-written that I've forgotten about – just stuff that you write and never have a chance to demo. The other day, received this email from a guy in France, with ˝ dozen Drugstore live tracks I did not even remember writing or playing. Funny.
PUNK GLOBE : Although there's this unique sound of Drugstore in general,starting from 1995' self titled album to 2002's Songs For The Jet Set,each album included great songs and had its own musical evolution.Recently,you've been sharing some demos from "the cave" at your demos blog,too.How do you describe Drugstore's musical evolution through years and it may be hard to say as it depends on time and how members lives effect the music of Drugstore but can you also give us any hints of how future Drugstore songs may sound like,I mean do you feel Drugstore's musical direction will probably head into more rock or acoustic vein?
ISABEL : I don't think the core songwriting has ever changed, really. It's never planned – it's just an idea that comes to mind. I suppose, the sound has became just a little more sophisticated – I guess, but we've always kept the elements that are right at the heart of our music: space, emotion, slacker beauty.
PUNK GLOBE : Which bands were your favourites when you were a teen?
ISABEL : Usual rock, alternative stuff. From the greats (Bowie/Lennon) to more alternative punky stuff. Always loved music, happy to listen to country, indie, classic shit, pretty much everything. Have a pet hate, though: I hate the blues, that whole ‘woke up this morning' 12 bar thing gets on my nerves. Also not madly in love with 50's rock'n'roll, supernaff, but acknowledge historical importance, blah blah blah.I tend to like bands that have songs that ring a bell within – something unique, with character.
PUNK GLOBE : Going again back in time….What was the first gig you went to? And when you look back,which band(s) gigs were the most unforgettable for you? We would be happy, if you any interesting memories to share.
ISABEL : Hard to remember, probably some dodgy rock band back in Brazil. Best not to mention which one, and keep hold of whatever thread of credibility I may still have left.
PUNK GLOBE : We observe Isabel Monteiro as an amazing artist with unique vocals and with a very exciting musical vision but maybe it's better to let the readers learn about it through your own words. How would you define the "Art World of Isabel" , including your inspirations and dreams in a few words; for us to understand better?
ISABEL : Me, amazing? Have we slept together? I don't remember...: ) But here we go: just like a mini-hurricane, that stirs within and goes through life, making beautiful mistakes and taking everything that comes along the way.
PUNK GLOBE : Adventures of Isabel…Spacegirl, Anesthesia and The Little Girl…Have they all met at the end of the reached "The Cave" or did they meet the bear and the witch? Please tell us about the current story.
ISABEL : People can follow the real adventures of Isabel from : ( A few bears have been dutifully killed, a few monsters slayed.Had myself to hibernate for nearly 7 years in the real world, which was tough, but I haven't, even in my darkest hours, lost the appetite for life, for music and adventure.
PUNK GLOBE : In the second half of this year and next year, what surprises can we expect from the always wonderful Drugstore world and from you? A new Drugstore EP / Album or other collobrations?
ISABEL : Got a new-line of supercool musicians onboard – who are really hungry to get out there and have a good time. Next chapter: a great new album. Got a lot of stories to be told and a bunch of pretty songs. It's gonna be good.
PUNK GLOBE : You're in the music business for nearly 20 years now and you have fronted one of the most special and amazing bands in rock music which still keeps the magic alive. But if you were to create your all time dream band, who would you choose to be the members of this band?
ISABEL : Anyone with the same appetite for life, people who understand the beauty of making music and have chosen not to waste their precious time stuck in the meaningless commuter belt. Or just to make my life a whole damn easier: just a bunch of Labradors or poodles who can play guitar. Woof woof!
PUNK GLOBE : There's a song, as the b-side of "Sober" single called "Offside"….The lyrics tell us about the competition between Brazil and England in football. Your observations on Brazilian football??
ISABEL : It's more than football – It's what the idea of what Brazilian footie stands for that is so appealing: flair, individuality, triumph over adversity, being cheeky and confident. The lovely thing about football in Brazil is that it really goes over race, gender and social barriers: we all go crazy, we all shout, cry and jump with joy – that's nice.
PUNK GLOBE : Isabel, thank you so much for this wonderful interview. Any last words for Punk Globe Readers?
ISABEL : Just go out there and spread happiness.Get drunk and tell someone you love'em!
*** DRUGSTORE recently played GLASTONBURY for ATTITUDE is EVERYTHING on SAT 26th at ClubDada - Shangri-La Zone.

*** They also played the historical Strummerville spot at Glastonbury, for the Joe Strummer Foundation, on SAT at 1am.

*** For all the latest updates of Drugstore please visit :

*** Photos by Katja Medic