Interview with Invazao
by Ginger Coyote

I had gotten an email from Toddy the lead vocalist for  Invazao telling me how much he enjoyed Punk Globe so I thought that it night be fun to do an Interview with him. The following is a few questions I asked him. I hope you all enjoy.

Please check out the bands website listed below

Punk Globe:  Where in Brazil are you located?

Recently in the city of São Paulo, 3rd larger city of the world with 17,9 million inhabitants - true chaos!!. Before we also lived in a very cool city, of good festivals called Curitiba to the south of Brazil.

Punk Globe:  How long has the band been together?

9 years 

Punk Globe: Are you all the original members?

No. After many changes in the last 9 years, only the guitarist is not of the first formation

Punk Globe: Tell us your name and what you play

Toddy Vocal, Gerson Drums, Angel Bass and Marcelo Guitar

Punk Globe:  Tell the Punk Globe Readers about your shows. What has been your favorite show?

Well we played grind core punk, and I think you can imagine how our show, a madness is!!! I think something that differentiates is us that we have violent music, they put with letters of hope, support music the lasses people, motivating popular and very lens-simple reactions. Therefore ours publishes it is well diversity, It don't just limit the punks, more to all that let to take for the musical revolt!

Punk Globe: Who are your influences?

The music of Invazão are a mix of many music heard by all the members of the band, because all heard many different things from classic music the black metal and grinds, hard core, punk.... Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror...

Punk Globe: Have you ever played "Rocking In Rio?"

No, ... and I think  we will never play... Because it is a concert extremely capitalist and focal to alienate peoples, what is not part of our musical conception and of life. Meet many young in Rock-Rio just to paying fortunes for tickets , boycotting national bands, and just fattening great entrepreneurs... That in the Rio de Janeiro children's streets dies from hunger, or they prostitute for 0,25 of dollar.

Punk Globe: Have you toured and where? Would you like to come to the USA?

Yes, we were working it. And making contacts for a tourney in USA.

Punk Globe:  Does the band have any product out?  If so what label?

There are four product out: "Demo tape" of 99  "The Brazilian Compilation Hard-Core Faction" of Extreme Record from USA, "Enfia Faca 1" America South compilation, And "No Religion" cd exclusive Invazão Record, with 10 music of 45 minute, more 1 video clip live

Punk Globe: Any advice to bands who wanna tour Brazil?

Here very good  to play the people is very revive! few many, many joy and beer.

Punk Globe: You have an amazing Website give the readers the address to check it out?

If anybody want to hear and to see Invazão go to our website, in there have mp3 and video free.

Or contact us for get our cd.


address: box 17 cep: 810011.270 Curitiba- PR  Brazil

Punk Globe: Any final words for Punk Globe readers?

 Never give up that you believe, while have hope you will live.  The punk live is a food  to kill of the undigorge selfish, and punk music is venom.  Who hear is a waiter.


Punk Globe: Any final words for Punk Globe readers?
never give up that you believe, while have hope you will live.
The punk live is a food  to kill of the undigorge selfish, and punk music is venom.
Who hear is a waiter



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