In The Movies
"I'll See You In The Movies" (CD)

by Carl Macki

In the Movies
"I'll See You In The Movies"

Do you Believe
On My Own
Do You Remember
In My dreams
Never Say Goodbye

Dreamy heart-strumming pop sung by Levi Seefeld (also the songwriter), who plays guitars, keyboard and strings.This guy can do it all.

The first time I listened it helped to put me to sleep. I had a pleasant, restful sleep.  

Before my second listening my thoughts from visiting his myspace page ensued to the obvious: Levi is a dreamer who pines away about been hurt in love. Now I don't have a prejudice against emo-tinged love songs. There posses a genuine thread that runs through the fabric rock and rhythm and blues.

Now would I like to buy this album? I didn't even buy the album by Bryan Ferry doing Dylan. I feel the same way about this album. If it doesn't rawk, and just is more moody than spirited then why expose one's endocrine levels to that?

Now that being said, Levi's web site --
has enough of the CD for you to decide for yourself.
The other so-called  website of his -- -- wasn't active; and landed me on a Network Solutions placeholder that had a lot of porn links, even though Google seems to have indexed it as a valid site.



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