The Insaints: Sin of Saints
[Disaster]  by  Ginger Coyote

A long overdue CD from one of the most underrated Bay Area Bands of the late 80's and early 90's - THE INSAINTS.. The CD is in the wake of Lead Vocalist MARION ANDERSON'S untimely passing. I first met Marion (with a bright Blue Mohawk)  when she was asked to interview my band WHITE TRASH DEBUTANTES for a Cable Television Show and was immediately dumbfounded by her beauty and how sweet she was. Marion and I became close friends and WTD would often ask The Insaints to play on bills with them. Oddly enough on the CD liner notes alot of bands and friends of Marion's were conveniently forgotten and Marion was not that type of person. We were speaking alot before her death in 2001.  One of our MOST memorable shows was at a drag club in the Tenderloin in San Francisco called The Black Rose with Subincision, Blu Chunks, White Trash Debutantes and the Insaints.... This show took place during The Gavin Convention and every band in the area was vying for a showcase and Kathy the bartender wanted to provide the Gavin Convention a show that they would not soon forget. This show was not an official Gavin Show but the club filled up with club regulars queens,hookers and pimps, punks and radio& record company patrons of the Gavin Convention who wanted to see the bands. Subincison took the stage early and warmed the show up and then Marion was in for the attack she employed the skills of her S&M Trade with her vocal abilities and had the crowd begging for more. WTD took the small stage with Lula and Ginger both in Nurses Uniforms stripping down innocent young college boys and spanking them. Marion and Alex a Nurse / Dominatrix  joined in on the action  while Carl Snarl who was tanked did judo rolls in the pit.. Sammy from the Blu-Chunks pranced up and down the bar in a G-String playing the sax the show was in full throttle. This show was pure entertainment and made Gavin Convention history. People who were at this show  still reminisce about this particular show as punk rawk at its fucking best. In the liner sleeve in this CD a show that White Trash Debutantes (who were somehow not mentioned in the liner text) Rancid, Insaints and Off Spring was also a wild show. My favorite song on the CD is #2 The Losers Club a song that Marion used to love to introduce. The CD also included other Insaints classics as X, Carry On, Last Fast Ride, Steppin' Stone, Whore, Iggy Pop's 1969 and more.The band was tight but it was Marion's antics that drew the crowd..There was definitely two different sides to Marion a sweet sensitive well spoken Woman and when she hit the stage she combined the rawness and force of Wendy O ' Williams, Henry Rollins and GG Allin into a singular force called Marion. Buy this CD to show your respect to The Insaints a  rawk hard singer and a good friend, Ms. MARION ANDERSON....

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