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A Punk Globe Harrangue
By Ban Tasers
Corexit rain falls on the washed-out town. Washed-up singers drink scalding hot coffee. Everyone's talkin' 'bout the dead birds and crazy weather, but few are even trying to learn about the plausible causes. Geo-engineering? What's that? Barium? What's that? Austerity? Haarp? Sounds like some paranoid X-Files shit. Eugenics? Never heard of her. Pay attention to the diversion we've orchestrated, right over here. Maybe it's the end-times. You better get right with your corporate overlords. How 'bout that football game? DHS and Wal-Mart keeping an eye on you "lone wolf" types, who dare question the war-profiteers, and police-state operatives, of the big-media. Be cheerful. Eat fast-foods. Obey. Don't talk about the cover-up in the Gulf, the deleted Constitution, 9/11, TSA, the poisoning of our foods, or Gaza. Feel fortunate, when the bicycle-cop who follows you, all over the neighborhood, while you do your daily errands, didn't arrest you for your suspicious Morrissey haircut. Saying a kind hello to one's neighbor might make one a terrorist, you know. Books we read, at the public library, are being monitored by government agencies, so do think twice, before checking anything out by Chomsky, Zinn, Nader, Scahill, or Klein. Drones in the drive-through, drones in the sky. Oil in the Gulf food-chain, toxic dispersants are causing lesions on resident's bodies, but the big media continues to help the government cover-up the illnesses caused by the ongoing B.P./Halliburton ECOCIDE in the Gulf. Petty despots, and their middle-mgt. thugs with security clearances, have never, previously, had access to this much secret weaponry, or surveillance technology. Everyone who read Naomi Klein's essential "Shock Doctrine" is already already aware of the Doctor Mengele-like pharmacological experiments being conducted on political prisoners. Mostly, the military-prison-commercial media triangle benefits from Bill Clinton handing over our public air-waves to the rightwing media monopolies, in 1996. A tiny half dozen men now, imperiously, control what is seen, and heard, on both radio and tv. The record labels and print media have all but vanished. Big-Media never mentions torture, or chem-trails.

From Myspace: "The Chemtrails of the last 20 years contained aluminum chaff and barium salts, now they may be implementing the next project by adding Phosgene to the mix.

In south Florida, they have been spraying heavy almost every day, since the new year, and there are many people with upper respiratory hacking coughs.

Another aspect is the use of Corexit in the Gulf of Mexico to absorb the oil spill, where there were reports of upper respiratory illnesses from people living along the Gulf shore.

Still another theory is that the military's use of HAARP has damaged the earth's protective Upper atmosphere, putting holes in the sky that allow gases like hydro-cynide into our atmosphere, and also the use of HAARP has affected the magnetic poles and winds that birds and fish use to navigate."
They're not actually ever leaving Iraq, or Afghanistan, despite all the corporate propaganda, the Pentagon's puppets spew on these woefully outdated, bullshit infotainment television "news" sources, that many clueless Americans, sadly, still watch. All of Obama's campaign promises were broken. All of Cheney's plans have just been expanded, under the cover of Obama being some "liberal". Ha! What's the difference between Obama and Sarah Palin? That one of them can read? The only significant difference between distant-cousins, Bush and Obama, is that Obama's half-blackness pretty much silences dissent. Both the black, and anti-war, white-liberal demographics, who traditionally, resist police-state tactics, and fascist imperialism, have become almost silent, under Obama, even as he governs as a rightwing, corporatist hawk. It's all a big distraction from what's happening in the world beyond your televisions. Michael Stipe and R.E.M., have been performing in black hoods and orange jump-suits, to protest torture, and Obama's broken promises to close the indefinite detention and rendition torture camps, but you didn't hear about, it because they no longer exist, in Tv land. That's why MTV and VH1 quit playing music. Too many artists and musicians are for peace and freedom, and those righteous cries for human rights and social justice, we used to hear from our conscience rappers and punk rock groups, have been replaced with the lazy distractions of watching bikini clad, drunk opportunists on the "Jersey Shore" voyeur shows, and all those nasty Glenn Beck/Sarah Palin war-mongering, rightwing, fraudcasting programs, tragically misleading an under educated, frothing, flag waving population. Some Americans still think that 11 Ay-rabs with box-cutters brought down the three buildings in NYC, (*look up Building Number Seven) despite the sober assertions of thousands of engineers and architects, who've, scientifically, proven the impossibility of the official story. I knew people, in the rural midwest, who have never heard the term, "Astro-Turfing", except in reference to their front porches, who believe the hijacked Paul/Patriot movement, stolen in recent years, by the clearly dangerous, billionaire Koch Brothers-funded Beck/Palin/racist "Tea Party" rallies, etc., is still an actual populist movement. Old fashioned denial, apple pie, and hating blacks, and Muslims.

Wall Street, the banksters, the vast police-state, and the war-mongers have stolen trillions, and nobody sees through the smoke and mirrors of red versus blue, even though everyone knows the unemployment statistics are far higher than admitted by the government and commercial media. They claim we still have all these rights, but even professors get arrested by cops, in their own homes, for asking why the cops have barged-in. The Supreme Court is saying cops should kick down your door, sans search warrant, if they SUSPECT you smoke pot. No one did anything about true campaign finance reform, in fact, the Supreme court took all caps off of corporations buying elections. The ceremonial Congress just quietly renewed the Patriot Act, yet again. Many current events seem too "Matrix" to be believed, but that unfortunately, makes them no less so. The Lrad, Haarp, and all the secret, electromagnetic-frequency weapons being deployed in far-away lands, away from the eyes of the Permanently "Embedded" big-media, are coming soon, to an "austerity" protest, near you.

In the sixties, union-workers, and liberals were branded, "Commies". Black Panthers, American Indian Movement, and other civil rights leaders we've assassinated, and branded "terrorists". Now, it's the enviornmentalists, and those who oppose the TSA fondling, NSA wiretaps, and criminal wars of occupation, who are being called "domestic extremists" by the Obama Administration. The far-right have organized, the left has dropped the ball. Jello Biafra and T.V. Smith used to have a voice, urging us to "be the media", to organize. Where have all the punk rockers gone? Do you remember when all those upper middle-class, eighties, crunchy-granola, prep school kids and jocks pretended to be punks, for awhile? Where have they gone? Those Hardcores used to moan about hippie apathy, all the time-what happened to them? "Come outta the cupboard you boys 'n' girls..." The emo-punks o' today are just dumb fuck Target shoppers. Purchasing video games and hair-products. Compulsively, posting their new self-portrait on the surveillance-grid, Facebook, every ten minutes. Guys I grew up with? "I'm gonna be a Ted, like me Dad..." Pigs rule.