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5 song EP
Review By: Michael Rys
Toledo Oh outfit Illumira( Formerly know as From The Depths) straddle some musical territory.Whether that's by design or happy accident I don't know. Goth- lyrically and looks,metal-heavy guitars n riffs,industrial- not quite heavy enough on the drums but I can still picture a black clad maiden doing her taffy pulling dance to their tunes. The vocals by J- paw remind me of 90's era Seraphim Shock's old songs, an operatic type delivery and fairly good range from soft whispers to grrrrrowlng.The music (Ricky Smoot - Guitar,Drew Hineline -Guitar, Eric Kimler -Bass and Jim Hawkins -Drums) behind it all is well written and has a sharp edged attack. A little too clean for my taste on the production but live they come off alot more raw than they do here.
I like the fact that these are fairly young guys playing heavy music and there are not stuck in the screamo, wrist cutting,rapper wannabe be bullshit that dominates heavy music these days.They show depth and variety with in the songs on this EP. Solid effort and original these boys should be proud of the EP and hopefully will build up the momentum to release a full length at some point soon.
I'm liking the tracks Omen and Mercy the best. Check out the band for your self here:
http://www.reverbnation.com/illumira or here:
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