"Ill Famed Dolls"

By Miss Oblivious



Reluctant sailors. Soiled doves
On the road to perdition
Painted & powdered harlots
Violet Garnett recognized as an Adams street tramp
Keeping house of "Ill Fame"
Argus...uttermost depths of Gehenna embedded in his tears
Only conditions of bitter shame
Flaunting her powder and paint in the streets
Fallen women with semen filled wombs
Holding a "Rag of honor" so tight between her groins
Ill gotten gains inside scarlet sins
He sailed away with a forgotten grin
Infesting a class on her own desires
Wayward boys and wonton woman
Staggering arm in arm on a dusty path of shame
Dwelling in bawdy houses,
Titled "lower crest of society"
Glaring as a victim of vain infatuation....
ahhh..MAD infatuation the root to this evil
For the woman on the lower crust of this society
A thin line of hope is soon cracked with reality, till the next sailor pays the fee
And sips his hops and tells her tales
Of lands to far and not so near...............