Ignorant Fucks
by Steve DIY

Work was mildly amusing today with this ignorant fuck coming out with the most dumbest of conversation I've had in years. There were 3 of us talking about amusing incidents at work where pople have got the sack or seriously disciplined for and then this woman started going on about this transexual.

Basically she was going on about how they had a meeting one day and it was explained to the crew of this passenger ship (which she worked on) that one of their male colleagues was having a sex change and wished to be known as a female from this point on.

The rules in Britain regards sex changes is that you have to live as the sex you want to change to for a certain period of time before a full operation is allowed.

Anyway certain crew were given transfers if they did not wish to work with the person having the sex change which was pretty crazy to hear as there are laws governing that kind of discrimination in Britian.

The person telling us she wasn't a prude then went on to tell us that she point blankly refused to talk to this crew member having the sex change who approached her department for some make up and perfume as a customer. She was telling us that anyone wanting to change their sex wasn't normal and obviously had something wrong with them!

Rather than take the piss out of her at this point I let her carry on where gay people were then brought in to the equation. She didn't think gay sex was normal either. And this is coming from a person who doesn't think they're a prude?!!

At this point I pointed out to this woman that gay sex in general would probably be better than straight sex. I mentioned that a guy knows what best for him would know what is best for another guy and that goes for the same as two women having sex/making love. That's a pretty good theory and probably true on most part.

Then I said for a joke that a cross dresser is going to be starting in November as the university I work at is an equal opportunities employer.

I wonder if my colleague will be in tomorrow knowing that I fully welcome anyone in to my team whether they be straight, bi, gay, cross dresser, transexual, black, white, green, blue, alien etc?!!

First off I don't apologise for using the words 'Ignorant Fuck' to describe homophobics because that is what they are - IGNORANT FUCKS.

Secondly I DON'T apologise for anything that I'm about to say and if you're that pissed off about me slating off homophobes then remove me from your friends list. It's no sad loss and you're probably a tosser anyway.

When I put up 'Ignorant Fuck - Pt 1' on line I truly didn't think I'd have anyone write to me stating that gay/lesbian sex is wrong and being transexual is un-natural. All this coming from people who should know better - You know the ones moaning the situation in Iraq is wrong, eating meat makes you a nazi and all the usual left wing rhetoric some of these people come out with.

While on one hand these ignorant fucks reject some of what the system tells us is right they really do have major issues if they believe in the systems 'Mr & Mrs Average 2.4 children'.

I just don't understand some people at times!

For the record I don't consider myself straight, bi or gay. To me sex isn't about restriction. It should be there to be explored whether it be same sex or opposite sex. If same sex relations is cool between animals then why not humans too?!!

Why do we restrict ourselves? Because the system tells us that same sex relationships is wrong. Oh bollocks! If you do embark on a same sex relationship you're made to feel like shit all the way through the system.

All this Mr & Mrs Average and their 2.4 children being the perfect idea is a myth anyway. Let's face it divorce is on the increase, look how many of these so called perfect families are torn about by affairs, sexual abuse, domestic violence and other shit?!!

Great isn't it?!! And this is coming from the system that tells us that being gay or lesbian isn't normal.

Yeah right!

What is normal anyway? In my 38 years on this planet all I've seen is war, famine, racism, hompophobia, animal abuse, human abuse, murder, rape etc etc. Fuck me if thats what is called normal I'd hate to see what they call abnormal?!!

You know what I really really can't grasp what some people find wrong relationships between the same sex anyway?!!

A couple of examples here I have to ask?

To the guys. I would say most love blow jobs right? But what's the difference between a woman and man sucking you off?!! Our mouths aren't any different are they? We've all got tongues and lips right?

Many guys talk about butt fucking. Well what's the difference between fucking a woman butt to a mans? Same hole and all that?

To The Girls: You enjoy a guy going down on you with his tongue or fingers? But what's wrong with a womans tongue or a womans finger?


Maybe some one can explain the difference?!! Am I missing something here?

I love writing about gay/lesbian sex because it pisses homophobes  off and that's good in my eyes. I love pissing people who have such a downer on something that is so natural. Homophobes need to understand they're just being dicks and as far as I'm concerned they're there to be laughed at!

Conclusion: Same sex relationships are natural and anyone who objects well fuck you!



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