Up Front And Personal With Ignacio Serricchio
by Ginger Coyote

Ignacio Serricchio heats up the screens of the ABC hit show "General Hospital" where he portrays Diego Alcazar son of Mobster Lorenzo Alcazar. Besides his work on "General Hospital" he has guest starred on the ABC sitcom "Rodney along with House MD on Fox. Ignacio will be in the feature film "States Of Grace" in theaters November 4th.

Punk Globe would like to congraulate Ignacio...... He just booked a feature film "Keith" with Actor/ Singer Jesse McCartney that will begin filming in early November. Ignaccio is a talented young actor who has a very busy and prosperous career ahead of him.

I hope you enjoy our interview.

Punk Globe: Thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview. You portray Diego Alcazar on "General Hospital" how long have you been on the show and how did you hear about the part?

Ignacio: I have been on the show exactly a year now. My agent at the time heard about the role and sent me out on an audition.

Punk Globe: How many call backs did you do before you found out the part was yours?

Ignacio: After the original audition - I went in for 3 call backs and was offered a contract with the show two weeks after my first episode.

Punk Globe: Your original sir name was Sanchez on GH. Were you adopted and raised by Pedro Sanchez's (Napoleon Dynamite) family? Before finding out that Lorenzo was your Father.

Ignacio: (laughing) No, I don't think so. But I liked him alot in Napoleon Dynamite. (I didnt think the movie was very funny, just him)

Punk Globe: You recently confessed to a dazed and confused Brook Lynn that you were the Port Charles Stalker. That you were doing these dirty deeds to avenge the people who were mean to your deceased cousin Sage.  Are you worried about being written out of the show? I have heard that they may redeem you.

Ignacio: No, not really worried. I am not really sure if redeeming Diego is the direction they will be taking. I go in to shoot next week and beyond that I have no idea what is happening.

Punk Globe: You are gonna appear on the Halloween episode of "Rodney" airing on ABC November 1 at 8:30PM. Tell the readers about the role you have on the show.

Ignacio: I play a kid named Javier- who hop's into Rodney's truck without him noticing and gets over the boarder to full fill his dreams.

Punk Globe: You have also been on Fox's "House MD." Do you enjoy day or night time television better?

Ignacio: They are so completely different and that is what I like about it all. I love them both - the work on the sitcoms and my work on "General Hospital" it's all great !!!! Just completely different.

Punk Globe: You were born in Argentina right?

Ignacio: Yes, I was born in Argentina but I moved to Mexico when I was 11 years old.

Punk Globe: So you left Argentina at a early age. I imagine you missed phenomena of The Ramones in Argentina then.

Ignacio: Since I did not speak any English when I was young I basically listened to Spanish music. But, I do know The Ramones were very popular through out all South America. They were just a bit before my time. (Ignacio was born in 1982)

Punk Globe; Your Co -Star Alicia Leigh Willis (Courtney: GH) has said trey are her all time favorite band. How old were you when you decided to be come an actor?

Ignacio: When I applied to college in America is when I finally realized that acting is what I really wanted to do for a career. When I was young I just loved performing and entertaining for my family. I had no idea something that was so fun could ever be a way to earn a living. My family was not in the financial position that would allow me to pursue such a risky career. It was just a dream - becoming an actor was not an option until I moved to the United States. I was planning to study Business or Engineering. I realize now that would have been the biggest mistake of my life.

Punk Globe: I read that you had met Meryl Steep in a Bed and Beyond and that sealed the deal with your desire to be an actor.

Ignacio: She just seemed so happy and at ease. She did not seem to be worried about people bothering her. She seemed so peaceful and that made me realize that I could also pursue this career and be able to be myself.

Punk Globe: Did she give you any advice?

Ignacio: No,I wanted to come up and say hello to her but the main reason that I wanted to get next to her was to find out just how tall Clint Eastwood really was. I must have looked pretty sketchy to her. I walked up to her sideways- getting a view of myself standing next to her and trying to remember how much taller Clint Eastwood was opposite her. . She must have thought "What the heck is this kid doing?" And then I said hello, so I would not freak her out.

Punk Globe: How tall are you?

Ignacio: I am 5 ft 11 inches almost 6 feet and I know Clint is taller than me. I think he may be like 6 ft 2 inches.

Punk Globe: I had heard that you were in a production of "Freak" that John Leguizamo made popular. John is such talent.

Ignacio: I appeared in the regional premiere of "Freak" in college. I agree John is very talented.

Punk Globe: Tell us about the feature film "States Of Grace" that you appear in and what kind of character did you play in that movie?

Ignacio: It will be opening on November 4th in theaters. It was my first acting work that I got when I first moved to L.A. two years ago. The character I play- Lozano- is a reformed gang member. He was really into being a gang banger- but he suddenly decides to get out of that kind of lifestyle and become a missionary.

Punk Globe: I read that you drove cross country from NYC to LA. You got to see alot of land on that drive. Any certain places that really stood out from the trip?

Ignacio: I decided to drive because I have done big trips like that before and I camped all the way to LA. I enjoyed the whole trip and getting to explore the country But, I think my favorite thing was getting to camp by The Grand Canyon. That was really exciting and I also really liked the scenery in Utah.

Punk Globe: How long did it take you to get settled when you got to Hollywood? Was it hard getting a Manager?

Ignacio: As soon as I got to LA- I got a job for a couple of months to get money for head shots, got an agent then I got the movie.
I then decided to finish up school. I got a summer job at Johnny Rockets. I then got booked to do General Hospital and have been there since.

Punk Globe: You have had very good fortune with your career here in LA!

Ignacio: Yes I have been very fortunate. I feel very blessed.

Punk Globe: You are working with some really talented actors at "General Hospital." Actors like Tony Geary (Luke0 , Scott Clifton (Dillon) , Jane Elliot (Tracey) , Alicia Leigh Willis (Courtney) , Robin Christopher (Skye) and Maurice Bernard (Sonny). Do you ever get pointers from them?

Ignacio: No I usually just go in and do my thing but when I have any questions I usually ask Rick Hearst or Ted King

Punk Globe: Rick Hearst (Ric) is really talented as well. He has won a few Emmy's for his work.So are you closest to him on the set?

Ignacio: Probably Rick and Ted King. I am also close with Adrianne Leon. We hang out alot together. I get along well with the entire cast.

Punk Globe: Are you excited about having Laura Wright coming to GH to play Carly?
Sarah Brown who was the original Carly kicked ass in the role she won like 3 Emmy's for her work. She is now a regular on "Cold Case."

Ignacio: Yes! I have already met Laura and she is lovely a great person. I did not watch the General Hospital when Sarah Brown was on it. I must check her out on "Cold Case."

Punk Globe: Tell us about your Rock Band?

Ignacio:We are called Three And A Half Feet Under. I had met these older gentleman from Valencia CA and they had always wanted to form a band. I am open to doing everything in life. We liked the same kind of music. So we formed a Classic Rock Cover Band. We played a huge July 4th show , a block party and on Saturday we are playing a Halloween Show. We don't play the shows for money- It is just for fun. We are all busy with our other careers- so when we can play we will play. We do covers by ACDC, The Smithereens, Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, CCR, Beatles and even a Monkee's cover.

Punk Globe: Three And A Half Feet Under - That is an interesting name. how did you all come up with that.

Ignacio: Because they are over 40 so I feel like they are half way there and I;m younger so I'm just a half a foot into the grave.

Punk Globe: Do you play any old punk songs?

Ignacio: Like I said I like old school bands like The Ramones and Green Day. I really like that song "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams" by Green Day. I am not a fan of the new school punk sound on MTV. My band Three And A Half Feet does not play any punk songs yet.

Punk Globe; Do you play any instruments?

Ignacio: I play harmonica and play percussion a bit. When our drummer is late for rehearsal I sometimes play the drums with the band.

Punk Globe: I read you were into Dance?

Ignacio: I am into dancing. I go out every Wednesday to a Latin Club -Salsa dancing. In fact I love to dance.

Punk Globe: Would you ever consider doing a show like "Dancing With the Stars" like your co-star Kelly Monaco did?

Ignacio: I am a self taught dancer and if a show like that asked me to participate I would have to think about it alot. I do not think I would enjoy being told what to do. I know when I go to a Latin Club you see people who are trained and it seems like they are counting out the steps in their mind. I myself just let loose and go with the feeling. I think going with the flow of things is so much better.

Punk Globe: Did you enjoy Kelly Monaco's dancing on the show?

Ignacio: I only saw the show a couple of times. But I thought she was great!

Punk Globe: You also do stand-up comedy. What comics do you like?

Ignacio: I am the host at a comedy club every Thursday in Beverly Hills. I have worked wit Chris Rock and Bobby Lee. I am a big fan of George Carlin. I enjoy Comics who do not use constant vulgarity. Bill Maher is good. I also like Kathy Griffin she is very funny. Tracey Ullman is very very funny. She sings, dances and acts She is awesome! (Editors Note: Watch out Tracey- Ignacio is in Hollywood also.)

Punk Globe: Who are your favorite actors

Ignacio: I like John Travolta alot he is an excellent actor. I also enjoy Kiefer Sutherland's work.

Punk Globe: Any favorite TV Shows?

Ignacio: I watch "Monk" every week. I don't watch "Lost" or "Desperate Housewife's or any of the Reality Shows. Tonight I am going to a club in Marina Del Ray to sing Mariachi. I have so little spare time so I do not watch that much TV.

Punk Globe: How many languages are you fluent it?

Ignacio: I would say I am in command of the English and Spanish languages. I speak French and since I am Latin and Italian so I can also speak Italian. I like to think I have the best of both worlds being Latin and Italian . I hope you had a great Birthday- Ginger. You only turn 21 once.

Oh you Charmer Ignacio- Flattery will get you everywhere.. It is obvious there is not much that Ignacio does not do. He also has a Production Company and may be producing a play in the near future. Please check Punk Globe for any future updates on that.
Punk Globe would like to thank Ignacio Serricchio for the great interview and wish him continued success with his career.



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