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Subterranean Records
By: Ginger Coyote
After 22 years the long awaited second LP by The Housecoat Project is finally out... It seems like just yesterday that I used to go to see the band play at The Farm and Mabuhay Gardens.... This album was recorded after the passing of original Housecoat Project the fabulous Eric "Rad" Yunckers... Jay Crawford adds his own guitar style to the music and does it well... Also adding to the mix on this recording is Sax player Bob Bartosik... Original Housecoat Project members Meri St. Meri on Vocals, Erol Cengiz on Bass and Drummer Michel Schorro all shine on every track... This 12" brings back lots of memories and I am sure for others who saw the band back in the 80's it will do the same for.. Of course my favorite track is "Wild Wimmen"... " Will You Miss Me" is a traditional Serbian folk song that they make their own .. Adding to the sound are Bruce loose on Back Up Vocals, Gere Fenelli- Keyboards, Naomi Eisenberg Violin, and Lemon d' George on Harmonica.. Artist/Musician John Whitehead did the cover drawing.. This LP is well worth the wait...
Wild Wimmin you're never born bad bad girls
Wild Wimmin don't die they just die their hair
and get outta town.