"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> Hour Of The Wolf
Decompositions Volume 1
Review By: Michael Rys
I have to admit this,I was totally prepared to hate this record... I'm guilty of pre-judgement sometimes. Who isn't??? Young fuckers in hoodies and skinny jeans( OK well I don't know about the skinny jeans) but they look young so its probably crap . Right? I like my crow well done please. Hour Of The Wolf ,funny name, not funny music. This group based out of Prescott, Arizona has yet to actually release a proper full length, a string of well received EP's,some splits , and singles. Think Fast Records has seen fit to collect some of this material floating around out there into a "compilation" of sorts.And...it on vinyl! All you record geeks out there will be pleased to know there are some color variations involved.But more importantly you all want to know if this stuff is worth your hard earned bucks with the music on it . I have to say absolutely. Its punk,most definitely but there something different about it. Its not as overt as you would think. All the songs are held together nicely with an tight rhythm section,but the interesting parts are two fold to me. First off the guitar work. It is most definitely the engine on this train but its not one two three..power chord power chord power chord... I heard many influences with the six string here... Dick Dale or Greg Ginn two name a few. The vocals are top notch too. Melodic, tuneful delivered with power and plenty of emotion. I would have to say Hour Of The Wolf mostly reminds me of when Fugazi was at its peak,when they really kicked some ass and before they ventured too far into art rock territory. They don't cop that style there just a kissing cousin resemblance. The records just seems to get better and more explosive as it goes along too. Favorite tunes on Decompositions Volume are Wild Man,Turn On You, Fall Of The All American and Breakins A Memory. The only dud on this disc was there version of I Wanna be Your Dog, that could have been left off and something worth while been in its place. Not a reason to by pass this though.

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