HOT WIRED - "Make It Count"
by Anna Pirhana

It is hard to imagine punk music coming up with anything original a good 20+ years after the fact.  Bands come and go, evolving into different sounds and dying out when punks begin traveling other, more conventional roads.  Some of us have resorted to expecting the old bands that stiill tour like The Damned and The Buzzcocks to hand deliver the definitive punk sound.  There is hope, however, in the form of Hot Wiredís "Make It Count" CD, which breathes life into punk by simply delivering the sort of sound that has defined this genre. All the cuts on this CD delivers the bandís enthusiasm, packaging into their music with all the passion and excitement of a live show that most bands seem to lose in the studio.  While the band relies mostly upon a basic, gritty sound, "Make It Count," the CDís title cut, starts with a few riffs that explode into something more complex and driving with clever changes in rhythm.  "Itís Only Punk Rock" is an honest, comedic look at punk rock, making no bones that "...weíre only punk rock, weíre out to shock..."  While this may be true for the millions of fledging punk bands out there, Hot Wired does it better than most.

"Hot Wired, Live at the Reef Club"

Hot Wiredís live CD, recorded on May 3, 2005, captures the essence of the bandís live show, although it is obscured by less than perfect sound quality.  Daleís vocals are lost behind the drums, but "Live at the Reef Club" should not disappoint in its delivery.



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