Live Review @ The Intrepid Fox
By: Mark Harris
It seems that in this modern craze of production line pop and an obsession with "popping bottles in the club" most people would just assume that the rock 'n' roll life style was out for the count. Yet there always comes a light from the end of what seems a never ending dark tunnel. This came to me at a top venue known as The Intrepid Fox.
As people entered there was a strong buzz in the air which I thought odd for this time of year. Actually it was a strong anticipation for the coming of the band 'Hornet', being supported by 'Pink Cigar' and 'Enteric'. The venue itself gave a clear view that people were ready to rock 'n' roll, the place overflowing with long hair, the strong smell of leather wafting through the air and more tattoos that you could shake your drum sticks at. Everyone who was there voiced opinion that the bands that were due to play had a good rep up to this and I can add voice to that notion because from the get go all three bands had that energy and rebellious feel that I always long for.
Enteric stara filled the room and with Will Pickering keeping the drum groove tight it allowed guitarists Owen Rees and Dimitar Ralev to add heavy down-tuned guitar riffs over the top which built into big choruses and exciting songs.
Pink Cigar were up next and already I could tell I was in for a good night, from the anarchic vocal style from Sharkie Cottrell and true rock grit from Edd Whyte on guitar. Sam Rutland on bass and Sid Mayall on drums had that bit of shine expected of a no nonsense 10 pints, let’s have a punch up on Brighton beach band that really caught the feel of their audience. Having to deal with stick from the crowd chanting for Hornet and some minor technical issues they came through bloodied and beaten just as you should with punters smashing the hell out of each other at the front of the stage and exactly what you should expect from an up and coming rock band! Their look was great, Sharkie sporting a look crossed with Mick Jagger and Alice Cooper and the rest in a classic rock rag giving them a sense of lawlessness and raw bravado that really sealed there group nicely.
I would like to raise a point of the great spirit from the staff of The Intrepid Fox by not just allowing some crazy shit to go down but by some of them getting involved in it too. This kind of attitude just enhances the whole experience of being immersed in this fulfilling rock 'n' roll setting just that little bit more.
Talking of that previous point it’s a good thing they were accepting of the crowd since shit went mental when it was the turn of Hornet to take the stage. The glasses had been refilled, everyone was set, yet in no time at all the beers were flying and the crowd went wild. With a great set of songs including ‘Down To The Bone’, ‘Second Hand Smoke’ and ‘Outta Control’ (all of which are featured on the bands current EP) the group once again captured the rock styling’s of a band who know what they are and don’t give a fuck who knows it.
With sweet riffs from Tollef Rikje-Pearson, hardcore vocals from Joe Thompson, completed by the engine like rhythm section Max Thompson on Bass and Alex Burt on drums, they followed their tracks well.
They clearly are a band that keep both a great group focus as well as the attitude to play a show as if it’s their last. Some historical moments, especially when at one point vocalist Joe Thompson carried lead guitarist Tollef Rikje-Pearson through the crowd on his shoulders while he let the strings cry, a very fun and inviting spectacle. They definitely give off a strong vibe and anyone who wants to see a no-nonsense no holds barred rock n’ roll band doing what rockers should be doing; this is a band to see! The Intrepid Fox was one hell of a venue to see them at, small and loud with cheap drinks, just as any venue and band should be.
The night as a whole was a great success from this stand point, Enteric & Pink Cigar set the night on fire first and did a great job but Hornet brought it crashing home with their exuberant style, definitely what rock n’ roll is all about!
A great pick for a gig which was free with sexy, sweaty rockers fucking the place up, I mean what more could you ask for? This is definitely one place that is now on the map for me. Catch Hornet live when they return to The Intrepid Fox on Thursday 1st December 2011 for another FREE show. Not to be missed!