The Black Halo's

  By Ginger Coyote

Punk Globe:  Thanks so much for agreeing to do this interview. Can you tell the readers what is up with The Black Halo's.

Billy: No prob!  I hope I get the job as I feel I would be an asset to your company as I see you've already read my resume . But any ways we've been taking a break from our abnormal lives and living what I guess is as close to as we can come to normal lives . Fortunately were not cut out for that so were heading back out on the road to support our new album which shall be unleashed  on history music Feb 28th !

Punk Globe: It seems that you have been doing alot of touring this past year.
Billy: Yes, its alot safer for me and the world around me. If I'm constantly moving and occupied !

Punk Globe: Can you tell the readers about how you came up with the name The Black Halo's for a band name ...

Billy: It wasn't me it was a Seattle Sub Popper girl who used to take us out to a transvestite /drag queen all night breakfast joint !  I don't really think about her often but I do miss the bacon n' eggs and hairy legs !

Punk Globe:  What can one expect from a typical Black Halo's show... I remember seeing you at Al's Bar years ago and there was alot of mayhem. Shit was flying all over.. Then I ran into you on Hollywood Blvd and you were so calm.
Billy: I don't know what to expect and that's what's exciting about it . Hey isn't it truly calmest after the storm !

Punk Globe: I also remember when  White Trash Debutantes were playing in Vancouver- some of the band telling me that they had gone into a shop you were working and you gave them some great deals.. By chance do you still have that job?
Billy:  Naw,  I had ta choose between rock n retail ! The store is now located in San Francisco and I still drop in to say hey whenever I'm in the mood for rice a roni !

Punk Globe: Can you tell us who is currently in the band? I know my pal's  Johnny Stewart and Adam Halo playing with you.
Billy: Johnny  Halo , Adam Halo , Robbie  Halo, Jahmeel jr Halo and me sometimes though most of the time I feel like an outsider .

Punk Globe:  How did you get Johnny in the band? I know he was centered in Winnipeg  playing with Micro..

Billy: He came into the institution on his own free will . He was banging on the door when he heard we had a padded vacancy he could practice bmx tricks in .

Punk Globe: I know that you recently had a Cramps cover band with my pal the wonderful and sassy Gerry Jenn Wilson for a Halloween Show.. Tell us about how the band came about.

Billy: I just wanted to do something ridiculous and fun so I called up a bunch of my fave  bad people and said hey lets play bad music !!

Punk Globe: Do you have other side bands?  Are you going to join the Lil Guitar Army?
Billy:  No I'm a one band man !  Though I love to flirt and occasionally have a fling or one night stand ta keep my relationship un-secure .

Punk Globe: I recently got an email from Wendy Thirteen from The Cobalt with a wish for a White Trash Debutantes/ JP5 show.. Maybe we could add The Black Halo's to the mix.

Billy: Who knows,  Wendy's awesome I truly admire her. Her heart is known to me as Wendy's Big Classic !

Punk Globe: What would be your dream show and where would you play?

Billy: I only have nightmares ! But I'm still waiting for Japan !

Punk Globe: Tell us about some of your favorite venues to play?

Billy: Its not the venue but the people and memories it holds that makes a show !

Punk Globe: Tell the readers again... What day your new album is going to be released in Record Stores

Billy: Yeah as I said the new albums in the can and were about to open it and let the worms spill on Feb 28th

Punk Globe: Who are your favorite Vancougarr bands?  I had to add a bit of Gerry Jenn  into the question..
Billy Hopeless: D.O.A, The Rebel Spell , The Jolts , S.N.F.U, The China Creeps , Alternate Action,  The Subhumans ,and this old guy named James who sings and holds a harmonica on the street.

Punk Globe: Can you give the readers your bands website and My Space addresses. So they can check out all your different projects..
Billy:  ,   ,  ..... use yer search engine yah lazy computer fed button pushers !

Punk Globe: Billy, I have to get a bit serious. If you could be one of the Girls from the sitcom "The Facts Of Life"  which one would you be?
Billy: Jo Polnachek and I'd be the butch with my lesbian partner Blair Warner .

Punk Globe: Any last messages you may have for the readers of Punk Globe?

Billy: See yah on tour!  Please feel free bring cigarettes and coloring books for the inmate named Billy Hopeless . Oh and buy the new album.... as downloading kills record stores and I'll really miss record stores if they disappear won't you ?

Punk Globe: Thanks so much for the interview Billy.. 
Billy: Thank You
The Black Halo's will be hitting the road in support of their new album... We hope you all will catch their show.... You just never know who from the cast of "The Facts Of Life" may show up to give em a heads up!




Photo Credit : Danny Cameo