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By: Timm Carney
The promos for "Nobody's Daughter" the new Hole CD are everywhere. Video from the SXSW show and a couple of the cuts have been hitting my inbox all month. I have listened to two of the cuts from the forth coming CD, I want more. The first cut I listened to was "Skinny Little Bitch" on the initial listen I wouldn't have thought it was Hole at all. It wasn't fast enough. Until the song is almost to the end it is all foreplay. Its then she kicks it into overdrive and goes for the climax. The thing I always loved about Courtney was she started fast and in your face. She may be in your face but it isn't fast. The song is almost over before she seems to wake up and really rock. When she finally does it rocks and this is the Hole I want and love. I just want it sooner! The second cut I listened to was titled "Samantha" and has more of the ,shall we say, quiet introspective Courtney at the start. At about a minute fifty she hits her stride with the chorus. "People like you fuck people me…" This is the Courtney Love I want to hear. She is pissed and nasty and I love it. She lives in the house where the red light's always on. That is what I want from Courtney Love. Enough of the Stevie Nicks Courtney! This is all a little too Cheap Trick. I really want to like what I've heard more than I do. Courtney flashes but she doesn't glare like she once did. I want the glare! I will go out and buy the "Nobody's Daughter". I just hope it doesn't disappoint. She has had years to get this together let's hope Courtney pulls something fabulous out of her ass.