An Interview With
By: Rotten
Punk Globe: Firstly, thanks for taking the time to do this interview.....OK, so, lets quickly go back to the beginning, How did you become involved with BROKEN BONES and the punk scene in general?
Hoddy: No problem, always like to do interviews. I got involved in Broken Bones from the start, I used to roadie for them, go to all the rehearsals & lived with Bones. As for the punk scene in general? I used to be into Kiss, UFO & all them sort of bands but always kept an eye open when punk came along, for me it was The Clash & the Sex Pistols on TV & the more I saw bands like that coupled with the attitude I just couldn't resist getting into it.
Punk Globe: What were your main influences musically, and how do you think it has helped the band's sound?
Hoddy: We've always tried to stay away from being influenced by any bands as I think it clouds your creativity. There are obvious similarities with us & a certain amount of bands out there but we don't go out to try & sound like others.
Punk Globe: The new album is some of the Harshest music I have heard in a long time - and this makes it all the more perfect fitting with the lyrical tone, but how do you decide how a song like MINIMUM WAGE comes together?
Hoddy: We love to play as harsh as possible!! We normally write songs altogether, Bones mainly gets the tune and the rest of us will come up with breaks,starts & endings, throw ideas around about how we want the song to go. Quiv writes most of the lyrics, he has a book with loads of ideas for songs. We piece it all together and after a few twists & turns and a few more arguments we have the finished song!!
Punk Globe: Do you think the band has gotten angrier since the years have rolled on?
Hoddy: I think it seems like we have got angrier over the years, looking back to the rest of the albums we've done they are all very angry, especially "Without Conscience" where we tackled gun violence, especially in the USA. But this one seems to have eclipsed that, Quiv has got some very angry stuff going on with the words on this album and it's very relevant in today's society & the political climate that we are in at the moment.
Punk Globe: What do you hope this new album achieves?
Hoddy: Personally I hope it gets to be heard by as many people as possible. All the band think that this is the ultimate Broken Bones album. We've worked so hard on making this the best ever hardcore album around. I don't know of any band out there can touch us when it comes to making a hardcore album. I think a lot of bands think the same way and why shouldn't they? they write the music & must think the music they write is great? So why not blow your own trumpet & say it's fucking awesome!! I know we will and do!!
Punk Globe: If new fans are reading this, which BROKEN BONES albums would you have them listen to so they can really see what the band is all about?
Hoddy: All of them!! Well I'd certainly say the new one because it's the one all the band are most proud of. It's really what the band IS all about now and that's the truth.
Punk Globe: What is next for BROKEN BONES and yourself and where can people contact you guys and get this corker of an album from?
Hoddy: We're playing the Friday night at Rebellion this August & will have a stall selling shirts & CD's. We hope to go to Japan either later this year or early next year, Broken Bones have never been there & with the Discharge (D-Beat) connection we should go down really well.!/pages/Broken-Bones/40980161799?ref=ts -Facebook here to order it in the USA here to order it in the UK & mainland Europe
Thanks to Hoddy, Dem Bones Recordings and Broken Bones themselves, and I hope the album does well, It deserves to!