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Down and Dirty With
by Pamela Torres
During my latest visit to the Spooky Empire Screamfest convention in Orlando, Florida, I got to meet the 82-year-old Godfather of Gore himself for an oh-so-ghastly one-on-one interview. We got to talk not only about his twisted descent into the film industry but also his latest project, an soon-to-be-released gaggle of amusing T.V. game show grue called THE UH-OH SHOW!
PUNK GLOBE: Ok, now to kick things off, please tell the Punk Globians a little bit about your new film, THE UH-OH SHOW!
HG LEWIS: “The Uh--Oh Show” (originally “Grim Fairy Tale”) is a blend of off-the wall gore and off-the-wall humor. My intention is to bridge the gap between the usual splatter-film and conventional movies. The plot centers around the ultimate reality show, “Uh--Oh!” When the network asks for a second show, the wily producer’s idea is dramatization of fairy tales … with the endings dramatically changed.
PUNK GLOBE: I understand this film used to be titled GRIMM'S FAIRY TALES when it was in its infancy. How long have you been undertaking this project?
HG LEWIS: I’ve been planning this ever since we filmed “Blood Feast 2.” I had thought a production deal was in place three years ago, but the “producer” disappeared at the eleventh hour.
PUNK GLOBE: Before THE UH-OH SHOW, you haven't made any original gross-outs since 1972's GORE GORE GIRLS, a slasher movie about a serial killer targeting strippers and go-go dancers. What motivated you to get back into the director's chair?
HG LEWIS: I love making movies. If a producer said, “Let’s make ‘Mr. Bruce and the Gore Machine’ (a script I’m ready to shoot) but we have to start shooting next week,” I’d be ready.
PUNK GLOBE: I understand that back in the 1960's you produced mostly 'nudie cuties.' How did you make the transition from that to the trash flick known as BLOOD FEAST?
HG LEWIS: My intention always has been to make films that could be profitable. I have no creative prejudices. When one field becomes so overcrowded that success becomes highly speculative, I look for another avenue.
PUNK GLOBE: Rumor has it you might work on BLOOD DE MADAME: THE FALLEN ONES. Is that project still getting off the ground?
HG LEWIS: Probably not. I’ve had communications for more than two years, but it all seems to be conversation unbacked with funding.
PUNK GLOBE: Your reputation as The Godfather of Gore paved the way for several generations of directors and writers who shock audiences with an endless buffet of sick splatterthons. Are there any favorites you've seen recently?
PUNK GLOBE: What are your opinions of the independent pseudo-smut flicks popping up on websites like AUGUST UNDERGROUND or SLAUGHTERED VOMIT DOLLS?
HG LEWIS: I’m not the ultimate critic, but these seem to be right on the fringe, well beyond a simple creative prejudice. Opinion: The field is too wide open to be so specialized.
PUNK GLOBE: Why do you think 21st century horror fans still gravitate toward your works? Is it because of the bad acting or the low budget effects?
HG LEWIS: I’ll settle for any motivation you want to name. I have a historical image, and that adds too much chronological age for my personal taste … but it’s better than being forgotten.
PUNK GLOBE:Anything you want to ask Santa for Christmas?
HG LEWIS: A quick production deal for “Mr. Bruce and the Gore Machine.”
PUNK GLOBE: Last but not least, is there anything you want to say to our Punk Globe readers?
HG LEWIS: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to communicate with you. I’m still here … and I’m glad you’re here.