R.I.P. Heath Ledger

By : Margaret Cho


I am absolutely devastated by the death of Heath Ledger. I never met him, but I was a big fan, especially after "Brokeback Mountain."His performance in that film was so stunning, utterly heartbreaking,just filled with a raw, naked longing and wrenching sadness. I admired him because I thought it was so brave this very heterosexual leading man totally going for the ultimate gay realness. Seriously. When he spit in his hand I almost screamed "YOU GO GIRL!!" "Brokeback Mountain" was a milestone for us, and Heath's amazing talent and willingness to play for our team earned him gay icon status forever. I'm sad because now we don't get to see him anymore, his gorgeous, troubled face growing older and changing,going from boy to man to elder statesman. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. What a terrible loss.
The news that the insane cult of Fred Phelps will be protesting at the funeral is certainly no surprise, but still as obnoxious as ever. These are the same crazy 'Christians' who protest the funerals of dead soldiers, in order to make some kind of insane and unrelated stand against tolerance for gays and lesbians. I am not sure what the tragic death of soldiers has to do with gay and lesbian issues but the Phelps clan obviously believes in their own twisted logic.I predicted that they would show up at Heath Ledger's funeral, if only to grab more
headlines for their scrapbooks, using "Brokeback Mountain" as their dumb excuse.
They really don't care who dies, they'll spin anyone to use for their own publicity. I am sure they scan the obits daily for more press opportunities. As the years go by I realize that the Phelps family values are the best thing to happen to the gay community since Wayland Flowers & Madam. Their antics continue to annoy, disgust and infuriate not only queers but straights alike, making everyone side with the gay community, even if by default.
Their loud and boisterous tactics make everyone assume all people who hate gays are like that, and the uncoolness by association swells our ranks every time they decide to protest a funeral or applaud a hate crime or whatever the hell they do in order to promote their ridiculous and incomprehensible agenda. I have long thought they were Act Up in disguise, covert queer activists who will stop at nothing to instigate change and rid the world of homophobia and hatred.

They must be, because they do nothing but further our cause.