Punk Globe: Thanks so much for the interview. Tell us who is in Hear Kitty Kitty and what they play?
Hear Kitty Kitty: Nikita LaTijera Meow (kitty)~ Lead vocalist, rhythm Jackson guitar.
Jonny Kat~ lead guitar, vox
Tiger Lily~ drums, vox
Felicity Feline~ bass, vox
Punk Globe: How long have you had the band together. Did the band originate in Los Angeles?
Hear Kitty Kitty: We have had this version of the band together for about 3 weeks;)
For real. It has been Jonny & myself on ever changing "quests of guests" to find "the right ones."

Felicity & Tiger Lily jumped right in and learned the songs, really good and really quick! And started helping with all the "work" which no one else had really helped us with in a while... And our first show 7/17 at Cheetah's was one of the best, "first shows with a new line up" I have ever had. (and I have had a lot of first shows with a new line up;)

We have Mr T's Thurs 7/21 then we leave on our "No Coast" tour to the Midwest on Sunday. In the mean time, We have been offered a deal memo for a reality series starring us presently being shopped to networks.. So that will be in the beginning stages of perculation while we are gone. Kind of exciting for a new band with fresh energy.

These 2 girls seem down and stoked and want the same things Jonny & me do. Our last drummer ruled but lived an hour and a half away and just couldn't make regular practice. Our last bassist was in 2 projects and just couldn't do 2 anymore and we needed more not less. Cause we r super serious about what we r doing; Making music, Making friends and making a difference in our world.

Yes. the band originated in Los Angeles. Its been me & Jonny struggling over our art for a few years now.

The Boulevard of Broken Dreams we call home, LA
Punk Globe: Do all your band members live in the Los Angeles area?
Tiger Lily:I live on the surface of the sun, also known as the San Fernando Valley. Felicity lives in the deepest pits of hell, IE: the valley, as well;) (although I think, but am not sure.. the IE, proper, is probably hotter than the valley;)
Hear Kitty Kitty: Jonny Kat and I currently live in Koreatown. He's always at our studio in NO HO, though. My favorite place I ever lived for a few years was off Manchester near Randy's Donut's in Inglewood. I started really liking Inglewood.

Nicknamed the “City of Champions” because of its prominent sports franchises, the city of Inglewood was home to the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team and the Los Angeles Kings hockey club for 32 years, from 1967 to 1999. - (Inglewood wiki)

I'm a lot like Inglewood. I'm all about coming up. Working hard. Like a squirrel trying to get a nut. The premise of Hear Kitty Kitty is a lot like the City of Champions. Keep working hard till we get there and then never stop!

5,4,3,2,1 Lift off! ;)

I have a connection to the South Bay in general, as I have lived and/or worked in the South Bay for the last 5 years. Really, I live everywhere there is a Bally's. I work hard and I work out and I train like Rocky. Cus, Like the Jeffersons, hear kitty kitty, we movin on up:)
Punk Globe: Who came up with the band name?
Hear Kitty Kitty: I (kitty) came up with the band name. I decided on the name after a poem I wrote called, "I am the Cat"

its not that i like cats.

~i am the cat~

i see it like, "hear kitty kitty"

u call to the cat whose a bit far away
off in the distance..
but if..
and when.

that cat feels like comin

u will see.

its no ordinary cat

been left out in the alley
maybe a little, too long?
is it stray or is it ferel?

got sharp fangs, sharp claws, sharper wit.
lookin thru the window while u eat your fancy feast
aint no lap cat or fluffy persian
tho it once mighta kinda wished it was...

with a bath n a comb thru ~
it cleans up real nice

but this is a cat of hard knox
a cat of perseverance
a cat who learned to use
what its got

hear kitty kitty is about the plight of the alley cat.

its tough on the streets.
my mom don't put food on my table no more
if i'm eating.
i got it myself.

hear kitty kitty is all about working hard and coming up honestly with hard work and perseverance and believing in yourself even when the chips are down~ cus u might b down right now, but u see the vision of the future. and just know if u r going to believe in anything u have to believe in yourself.
Punk Globe: How would u describe Hear Kitty Kitty?
Tiger Lily: Fierce female-fronted punk rock music, with a bit of ally cat badass-ness.
Punk Globe: Who are some of the bands inspirations?
Felicity Feline: The Misfits, Green Day, The Runaways, No Doubt, NOFX, Rancid
Tiger Lily: I've always been a fan of female-fronted bands. I've been (to put it lightly) obsessed with No Doubt since Jr. High School, and they basically opened my eyes to the world of women in Rock music. I find it quite interesting that we have the complete opposite lineup in HKK (3 girls to 1 guy), and I think it's pretty awesome that we've embraced the notion that, not only can girls be in Rock bands, but they can actually be fucking awesome at what they do.
Kitty: Anything ever put out by Hellcat records. Bruk Out was the first song I ever taught myself to play on guitar:) Love Rancid, the Distillers, All Duane Peters, Lars Fredericks, Dropkick Murphys, I worship the ground Hellcat walks on;) Early on: Nirvana, Pat Benatar, Green Day, Joan Jett, Motley Crue, Hole, Blink 182, NIN, Marilyn Manson, Concrete Blonde, 10000 Maniacs, No Doubt
Punk Globe: What are some of you favorite venues?
Felicity:The Mint, The Echo Curio, The Glass House
Kitty: Wherever I am playing today is my favorite venue!
Punk Globe: Are you headlining on the road or are you playing support to another band?
Hear Kitty Kitty: Mostly headlining but in Iowa we are opening for Quiet Riot.
Punk Globe: How long will you be out for?
Hear Kitty Kitty: 3 weeks
Punk Globe: Any particular bands that you enjoy playing with?
Felicity: I love playing with supportive bands. I don't care what genre of music they are into as long as they are passionate about what they do.
Kitty: I love playing with other bands who also like tequila shots
Punk Globe: Can you give the readers some web addresses so they can keep up to date with what you are doing?
Punk Globe: Do you play alot in the L.A. area?
Hear Kitty Kitty: Probably average 2 shows a month in LA
Punk Globe: What kind of venues are you playing?
Hear Kitty Kitty: Here is a list of our current dates:

Live Dates
August 3 - Bottleneck - Lawrence KS
August 4 - The Aftershock - Kansas City MO
August 5 - Santa Fe Saloon- Salina KS
August 6 - R Bar - Hutchison KS
August 7 - The Boobie Trap - Topeka KS
August 8 - Kirbys - Wichita KS
August 9 - Rock Island Live - Wichita KS
August 10 - TBA - Tempe AZ
August 12 - Doubledown Saloon - Las Vegas NV
Punk Globe: What has been some of your favorite shows that you have played so far?
Hear Kitty Kitty: I guess 2 of my favorite shows would be:

the last time we played HOB Sunset and opened for Steel Panther and Tranzcontinental. Both are super fun bands to play with. I got drunk and, at the promoters urging, went out on stage to try to show off my Journey chops and the singer of Steel Panther wouldn't let me sing and the guitarist, Satchell, made fun of him for it. I WILL CHALLENGE U TO A JOURNEY SING OFF ANY DAY, MR STEEL PANTHER LEAD SINGER! :) (All in fun and only after a couple shots of tequila, of course.. ;)

and 2. last year's Midwest Rockfest opening for BuckCherry and Drowning Pool. From that one show... we made so many awesome friends and fans in Kansas that this year we are playing 7 shows in Kansas. We aim this year to meet and rock out with that whole state! Its so rad the love we are getting from Kansas especially Wichita. Heading to Oz next week, we can't wait!!
Punk Globe: Tell us what you have released as Hear Kitty Kitty?
Hear Kitty Kitty: Tails from the Alley. self released. 11 songs that are a "collection of true life tails" of sharpening my claws on the streets of Los Angeles. Guest purrformances by: Cordell Crockett (Ugly Kid Joe), John Dolmayan (SOAD), Chris Vrenna (NIN, Pigface, Tweaker..), Tommy Stinson (Replacements, GNR), Gina Schock (GoGo's) and songs cowritten by Jimmy Harry(Pink, Weezer, Kelly Clarkson, Weezer...) and Kim Fowley (Runaways,...)
Punk Globe: What does the future hold for Hear Kitty Kitty ?
Felicity Feline: Anything is possible. The Future is open wide and I believe we all connected together at just the right time to make it far. I'd really like to do a European tour.
Tiger Lily: More shows, more fans, more records, more everything!
Punk Globe: Well thank you so much for the interview... Any words of advice for new bands trying to break into the music?
Felicity: You have to give it all you've got....especially on stage...even if there are only 4 people in the crowd. Those 4 people need to be appreciated because without music lovers and fans, why make music? Also remember not to feel discouraged when every time you think "Okay, this song is a hit and this is the one" but then nothing happens...because eventually it will happen if you just stay positive. And remember, our band-mates are a team. There is no I in team.
Kitty: Its so true, that pain in the arse statement, 'if it was easy everybody would b doing it'. u have to want, sleep, eat, breathe it. Someone who I loved, once said to me, Would u die for it? He Did. RIP Roxy Its not all easy and its not all luck though some get lucky. I just know hard work. But when u taste something that u worked hard for.. It's that much sweeter. Aim for the sky. Never Give Up. Believe in yourself. Take no prisoners. and no sleep till brooklyn. cus u gotta fight for your right to party. it ain't all about the 'bow, rubbin elbows w the peeps u kno. its about the day in and day out struggle. And that desire. To sing the Jefferson's theme song:) cus u movin on up! ;)

See u on the yellow brick road to Oz n beyond. Stay posted to the websites above!

Have a grrreat summer and we hope 2 c u during it!

love n licks, hear kitty kitty
PUNK GLOBE would like to thank HEAR KITTY KITTY