THE ANZA CLUB, Vancouver BC     
|By:  Pat Crowe



The most fun I have ever seen people having at a punk show!  Anza Club. Vancouver, B.C.  Packed out with EVERYONE there!  The Shittys up first. An hilarious local punk/drinking/hell raising punk band!

Then,The Hansons doing The Ramones with a Canadian tongue in cheek, hockey playing schtick!

The joint erupts into a beer flying ,moshing meltdown.  Guitar player drools and slobbers and counts in,"One To Tree Tor!  Drummer makes faces and looks continuously mentally challenged. Bassist wearing a Hannibel Lecter goalie mask and piss stained long johns under his jeans which keep falling down. He brings his duck from home. Not a stuffy but a two foot long Goeduck clam. Johnny Hanson "I told you not to bring your duck!" A referee to call the nonstop penalties and break up the bands fights.

Absolute mayhem with a driving Ramones tribute sound. Amazing good fun!

At the end Johnny Hanson holds up a poster of our beloved Joey Ramone and the very appreciative crowd is ecstatic.

The Hansons lousy alter egos NoMeansNo begin a tour of Europe in April

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