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Black Water Books
Review By: Ginger Coyote
To better educate you I went to Wikepedia to better explain the title of John G. Ree's new adventure novel Halocline.
In oceanography, a halocline is cline caused by a strong, vertical salinity gradient within a body of water. Because salinity (in concert with temperature) affects the density of seawater, it can play a role in its vertical stratification. Increasing salinity by one kg/m3 results in an increase of seawater density of around 0.7 kg/m3.
In the midlatitudes, an excess of evaporation over precipitation leads to surface waters being saltier than deep waters. In such regions, the vertical stratification is due to surface waters being warmer than deep waters and the halocline is destabilizing. Such regions may be prone to salt fingering, a process which results in the preferential mixing of salinity.
Halocline is a sequel to John's first book Anoxic Zone. In Halocline has our hero's Jake Storm and his pal Johnny (several years later), take on the quest for survival as well as independence off the shores of Romania. The book is an exciting read. Filled with all sorts of twist and turns. past and present, good and bad, hate and love and lastly dreams and reality... If you enjoy a thriller that keeps you riveted to the storyline.. A book that is hard to put down.... Halocline is the book for you!! In my review of Anoxic Zone I mentioned it would make a good movie... Well with Halocline there is a sequel movie..